Kay Mahne

Ms. Kay Jernigan Mahne

Part-time Faculty, Mathematics

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After teaching high school math for 37 years and serving as an adjunct faculty member for 6 years, a teacher should still believe that "A teacher has not taught until a student has learned." A teacher's basic philosophical belief system will dictate everything he or she does in the classroom and it will affect the type of relationship that the teacher has with the students. Thus, student learning will be affected. Why is this important? Because a teacher is not talking to the wall or an inanimate object. We, as teachers, are speaking to people. We are not speaking to a group of people, but to individuals, who all have different strengths and weaknesses, different backgrounds, different belief systems, and different experiences. Therein is the reason that the teaching profession is so exciting and challenging. Teaching is the most important profession because it allows all of the other professions to exist. A teacher should always be prepared. We are professional students and should always be studying and learning new technologies. Our job is to help prepare students for the jobs that will be available in the next century and beyond. Educators are lifetime learners themselves and should be going to school and learning their entire lives.


  • Master's – mathematics – Georgia State University
  • Bachelor's – mathematics – Georgia State University
  • Associate of Arts – Dekalb Community College

Academic Interests

  • Speaking to the future educators of Georgia
  • Teaching teachers how to teach
  • Writing curriculum
  • Teaching calculus
  • Learning about new technology


  • Teacher of the Year 1993-94 (Phoenix HS-GCPS)
  • Star Teacher 1996-97, 2005-2006
  • Who's Who Among American HS Teachers (many times)
  • State of Georgia Teacher's Scholarship
  • Grant from Dekalb County Teacher's Organization
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics