GGC Senior Sendoff photos available to download

GGC seniors - you can now download photos from the senior photo booth party held April 19 in LVIS. All of the photos are on Flickr. Here are instructions for how to download your favorites (or have prints made from all of them):

1. Visit the Flickr set for the senior photo booth.

Senior photo booth 20122. Click on the thumbnails you wish to view.

3. If you want to download the image, click the tiny arrow next to Actions above the picture.

4. Click "view all sizes."

5. Choose the size of the image you want to save.

6. Above the image you'll see a link for "Download" - click the link to download the image to your computer.

7. You can also share photos to your own social media channels by clicking one of the icons (for email, Facebook or Twitter) or clicking the tiny arrow next to "Share" - it will give you a URL for the entire set that you can send to friends, family and so on.

8. If you want to order the entire set of pictures click the link for "Order prints" located above the images and you can purchase prints at whatever size you need.

If you have a Flickr (or Yahoo) account, you can do more things with the photos - create cards, calendars, photo collages, etc. but you'll need to download the images and re-upload them to your own Flickr account in order to create other items.