Approved by Cabinet, March 2017


Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Georgia Gwinnett College Strategic Plan 2017-2022 (PDF)


  1. Strategic Priorities and Strategic Initiatives (PDF)
  2. GGC Strategic Analysis, February 2017 (PDF)

Division Operational Plans 2017 

  1. Academic and Student Affairs 
  2. Operations
  3. Business and Finance
  4. Strategic Communications and Positioning
  5. Advancement
    1. GGC Foundation
    2. Alumni Board
  6. Chief of Staff

Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities 2017-2022 (PDF)

1: Students

Our students are distinctive and the way we relentlessly focus on them will be extraordinary.

2: Faculty and Staff

To serve those students we will ensure our faculty and staff have 21st century skills.

3: Resource Model

We will establish a robust and sustainable resource model.

4: Organization

We will build and reinforce a collegial, collaborative and innovative organization as GGC transitions from a rapid growth institution into a more sustainable model.

5: External Environments

To better serve our students we will leverage and address our external environments, in all their forms, by committing to a greater awareness, purposeful engagement, and intentional conversations.