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Clubs, organizations and events promote sustainable ways to live on or off campus. Learn how you can get involved to help sustainability efforts at GGC.

Environmental Club

Environmental Club logo The Environmental Club seeks to enhance, educate and promote an understanding of environmental concerns, ideas and opportunities. The Club wishes to "provide a creative, intriguing incorporation of in-class knowledge with real-world applications in such a way as to protect the environment." The Club meets regularly, participates in many on and off-campus green events and hopes to pass forward knowledge to build better stewardship of our planet. Students who engage with the Club can build social and leadership abilities through active participation.

The Club has several goals:

  1. Environmental Club members at their table during Green SceneHold a recycling activity/event annually on GGC campus to enhance students’ recycling habits.
  2. Monitor nearby stream quality around GGC campus, in collaboration with Georgia Adopt-A-Stream program (AAS),  to increase GGC community’s awareness of water pollution.
  3. Invite speakers to GGC to discuss environmental issues.
  4. Initiate an environmental awareness campaign through eco-friendly methods.
  5. Advocate the use of recyclable items and inform students of numerous ways to conserve energy.

Learn more about the Environmental Club, find meeting times and join up.

Organization advisors – Drs. Amy H. Erickson and James Russell

Volunteer GGC

Volunteer GGC logo Clean and Beautiful Volunteer GGC eventSustainability also supports becoming involved within your community. Through the Office of Student Involvement, this center is designed to foster, support and coordinate community engagement. Volunteer GGC offers service learning opportunities for GGC students within the local community.

GGC Grizzlies have volunteered for "Great Days of Service" in a variety of ways from helping out at the Spectrum Autism Race to chomping down a Grizzly Burger for the popular eating contest at downtown Lawrenceville's Rock'n Ribville.