Graduation Announcements, Caps and Gowns, and More

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Appropriate Attire for Graduates

Appropriate attire for men includes a dress shirt with a tie and dark shoes. Women should wear clothes that won't show above the collar or below the hem of the gown and dark shoes. When selecting clothing for graduation, dark colors and neutral patterns will look the best. 

Traditions of Academic Dress

At many formal college events, faculty can be seen wearing traditional robes, hoods, caps and sometimes cords known as academic dress or regalia. This tradition dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries, when universities emerged from religious orders. Similar to the robes of the clergy, academic dress was the customary, daily dress of both students and faculty. It was functional in providing warmth and designating someone as a member of the academy.

Steeped in tradition, academic dress code follows detailed guidelines for fabrics, patterns, colors, trimming and length of the gown and its accompanying garments, based on the degree of its wearer. More advanced degrees dictate more elaborate regalia, made of finer fabrics with longer and broader hoods and gold tassels.

The standard color for bachelor and master degree gowns is black, while doctorate degree robes may be black or another color designated by the college that granted the degree. Officials and dignitaries at institutions may also wear gowns of varying colors and designs. Fabrics vary from light weight to heavier velvets, reserved for doctorate degree robes.

Hoods worn with the gown are black, using the same fabric as the gown, and lined in velvet or velveteen with the colors of the institution granting the degree, then trimmed with the colors of the specific discipline. Below is a list of colors associated with various disciplines:

Arts, Letters, HumanitiesWhite
Commerce, Accountancy, BusinessDrab
EducationLight Blue
Fine Arts, including ArchitectureBrown
Library ScienceLemon
Oratory (Speech)Silver Gray
PharmacyOlive Green
PhilosophyDark Blue
Physical EducationSage Green
Public Administration, including Foreign ServicePeacock Blue
Public HealthSalmon Pink
ScienceGolden Yellow
Social WorkCitron
Veterinary ScienceGray

Hoods were originally worn as a covering for the head until the function was handed to the cap. The cap is most often a mortarboard matched to the gown and includes a tassel in either black or a discipline/school color. Tassels worn with doctorate degree gowns may be gold. There is no hard rule for the position of the tassel, however, many colleges and universities have incorporated the tassel as a symbolic rite of passage into the academic community by having students move the tassel from right to left upon graduation.

For more information on academic dress and traditions, visit the American Council on Education.

Honors Regalia

Graduating seniors may wear regalia recognizing their membership in the College’s honor organizations, many of which were chartered during the last 18 months. These societies are listed below with the colors of their regalia, which may be worn in the form of a cord or a stole (sash) with or without a medallion.  Students wearing this regalia were inducted into these national and international organizations by meeting specified GPAs as well as other requirements. Georgia Gwinnett College congratulates them on earning these prestigious distinctions.

Organization and related major(s)Regalia colors
Alpha Phi Sigma – Criminal JusticeGold and blue
Beta Beta Beta – BiologyForest green and red
Golden Key – InterdisciplinaryBlue and gold
Kappa Delta Pi – EducationPurple and jade green
Kappa Mu Epsilon – MathematicsRose pink and silver
Kappa Omicron Nu – Exercise ScienceBurgundy and gold
National Society of Leadership SuccessRed and black
Omicron Delta Epsilon – EconomicsBlue and gold
Phi Alpha Theta – HistoryRed and light blue
Pi Sigma Alpha – Political ScienceRed, white and black
Psi Chi – PsychologyPlatinum and dark blue
Sigma Beta Delta – BusinessHunter green and gold
Sigma Iota Rho – International RelationsBlack, blue and red
Sigma Tau Delta – EnglishCardinal and black
Upsilon Pi Epsilon – Computing and  InformationMaroon and white