The President provides oversight and approval of all QEP components. The Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs/Provost is responsible for general management of QEP implementation. The QEP Director is responsible for direct management of QEP implementation and ongoing planning processes. The QEP Steering Committee provides input and assists the QEP Director in implementation of the QEP. Members of the QEP Steering Committee are:

Ms. Ellen Cox, QEP Director, Associate Vice President for Quality Enhancement Programs and Institutional Policy, chair

Dr. Funwi Ayuninjam, Director, Office of Internationalization

Ms. Cele Blair, Assistant Director for Education Abroad

Dr. Jason Embry, School of Liberal Arts

Dr. Brian Etheridge, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

Dr. Jeffrey Fouche-Camargo, School of Health Sciences

Dr. Boyko Gyurov, School of Science and Technology

Dr. Juliana Lancaster, Executive Director, Office of Plans, Policies, and Analysis

Dr. Atul Saxena, School of Business

Dr. Kristina Watkins Mormino, Global Studies Certification Coordinator

Dr. Eric Wearne, School of Education