The School of Business faculty engage in a wide variety of research. We publish articles and present papers focusing on applied, discipline-based, and teaching and learning scholarship. This enables us to provide you with a rich and dynamic academic experience.

In the past five years alone the school’s faculty have produced over 480 peer reviewed journal articles, presentations, cases, and other contributions in our fields. Here is a small sample of our most recent research.

McCarron, Karen, The Importance of Mathematics as a Prerequisite to Introductory Accounting. Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 2016.                  

Napier, Nannette. STARS Computing Corps: Enhancing Engagement of Underrepresented Students and Building Community in Computing. Computing in Science and Engineering, 2016.                 

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Kooti, Ali. Does a Separate Accounting Accreditation Matter? Academy of Business Disciplines Journal, 2015.         

Nath, Anupam. Web 2.0 for Knowledge Management in Organizations and Their Effect on Tech Knowledge Share and Perceived Learning. Journal of Accounting, Business and Management, 2015.      

Weisel, James. Deutsche AutoParts, LLC - Reconciling U.S. GAAP to IFRS. Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, 2015.

Peppas, Spero and Peppas, Stephanie. Is an International Business Degree the Way to Go? In International Business for the Curious: Why Study International Business, 2015.

Berry, Reanna and Weisel, James. Engaging Non-traditional Students: Strategies for Success. Presented at the AAA Southeast Region Meeting, 2016.                             

Holmes, Will. How to Add a Public Choice Perspective to Public Goods with a Classroom Experiment. Presented at the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Public Choice Society, 2016.                

Johnson, C. Douglas and Pinson Kathleen. To Connect or Not to Connect? Psychological Contract Considerations. Presented at the 1st Annual GGC Teaching and Learning Day, 2016.                          

Bradley, Cassie. Perspectives on Co-Curricular Programs in Schools of Business. Presented at the Academic International Business Conference, 2015.              

Cline, Melinda and Huff, Kyle. Distracted Student Behaviors: An Empirical Analysis. Presented at the Research on Teaching and Learning Summit, 2015.

Furick, Michael. The Impact of Mandatory Mentoring. Presented at the Mentoring Institute Conference, 2015.

Johnson, C. Douglas. Making an Impact Through Student Engagement, Service, Teaching, and Scholarship. Presented at the Governor's Teaching Fellows Annual Conference, 2015.      

Peppas, Spero and Peppas, Stephanie. The Impact of Short Term Study Abroad on Cultural Intelligence. Presented at the Research on Teaching and Learning Summit, 2015.

Rawls, Janita. Online vs Onsite Learning: Understanding Outcomes Promoting Global Understanding and Cultural Awareness. Presented at the Academy of Business Education Association, 2015.                 

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Furick, Michael. Transferring Competitive Advantages into International Markets. Journal of Business and Economics. 2016.

Gordon, Jason. The Risk-Shifting Effect of Business Bankruptcy: A Statutory Solution to Provide Additional Protections for Personal Guarantors of Debts by Closely-held Business Ventures. Emory Journal of Bankruptcy Developments, 2016.

Ruiz Burgos, Carlos. Behavioral determinants of perceived managerial and leadership effectiveness in Argentina. Human Resource Development International, 2016.          

Brown, Steven. Moving Servant Leadership Forward: One Issue at a Time. Servant Leadership: Theory & Practice, 2015.

Clark, Cheryl. Is the Sum of the Parts Greater than the Whole? Skill vs Synergy. Academy of Strategic Management Journal, 2015.

Nath, Anupam. Streamlining the Management and Governance of e-Government Processes: Learning from the IT Industry Leaders. Journal of Systems and Information Technology, 2015.

Schoen, Jeremy. Practical recommendations for the development and validation of conditional reasoning tests. Organizational Research Methods, 2015 .

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Schilpzand, Marieke. Conditional reasoning test for creative personality: Rationale, theoretical development, and validation. Journal of Management, 2016.                                            

Smith, Jonathan. Racial Group Affinity and Religious Giving: Evidence from Congregation-Level Panel Data. B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 2016.

Wilsker, Amanda. Consumption Effects of Foreign Remittances in Jamaica. International Advances in Economic Research, 2016.

Young, Brett. Inconsistent and Incongruent Frames during IT-enabled Change: An Action Research into Sales Process Innovation. Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 2016.      

Ellis, Yvonne. Perceptions of independence and auditor rotation: An examination of nonprofit organizations. AABRI Journal of Finance and Accountancy, 2015.                          

Osmer, Eric. Dynamic Correlation of Currency Futures Prices and Liquidity. The Journal of Applied Financial Research, 2015.

Ruiz Burgos, Carlos. Perceived Managerial and Leadership Effectiveness in Colombia. European Journal of Training and Development, 2015.

Yu, Tyler, Zhang, Miranda, Peppas, Spero, and Peppas, Stephanie. The Great Recession: A Statistical Analysis of Its Effects on Unemployment. International Journal of Business & Economics Perspectives, 2015.

Huff, Kyle. Do Mobile Devices Have an Impact of Working Memory? Presented at the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2016

Partridge, Mark. Promising Practices in Georgia Charter Schools. Presented at the Impacting Student Learning Conference, 2016.

Song, Pingping. Political Connections, Overinvestments and Firm Performance. Presented at the CES (Chinese Economists Society) North American conference, 2016.

Torres, Luis. A Theoretical Approach to the Internationalization of a Trade Block: The Pacific Alliance Case. Presented at the Academy of International Business, 2016.

Ellis, Yvonne. An Empirical Bankruptcy Prediction Model in the Local Government Sector. Presented at the 85th Annual Conference of the Southern Economic Association, 2015.

Gresch, Eric.  Towards the Identification of Indicators for Effective Managerial Behavior: Case of the U.S.A. Presented at the Academy of International Business - South East Chapter, 2015.

Johnson, C. Douglas. Exploring deviant responses to religious diversity: Stereotypes, Discrimination, & Intolerance. Presented at the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2015.

Schilpzand, Marieke, and Schoen, Jeremy. Development for an Implicit Measure of Creative Personality, Presented at the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2015.

Smith, Jonathan. How Did the Housing Bubble Affect Consumption Behavior? Presented at the Bureau of Labor Statistics - Consumer Expenditure Survey Workshop, 2015.