English 4000 Internship/Service/Field Experience
Prerequisite: approval of student advisor and course instructor

This course allows the student to gain experience by completing an internship or service/experiential learning project in the field of English. Coordinated by faculty and community or institutional partners, this course places students in internship or like experiential learning positions where students apply their knowledge and skills in real-world contexts. Requires consultation between student and advisor with reference to the concentration the student is pursuing and approval of professor teaching course.


HIST 4990 Senior Capstone Seminar

Students use all facets of the study of history by designing individual research topics, collecting and analyzing evidence from primary sources, and composing an in-depth research paper. The course will be taken during the senior year. 


POLS 4999 (Practicum)

Required of all political science majors, the practicum course allows the student to gain first hand field experience by completing an internship or experiential learning project in the field of political science. Enrollment requires advisor’s approval. 


Capstone and Internship Requirements

Internships have been an integral part of the GGC educational experience since the institution’s inception. Each of the college’s schools offer internships, which provides evidence that placements are available. The internship in the Criminal Justice/Criminology program at GGC is administered in the capstone course, which focuses on the integration and application of knowledge from the criminal justice core and related courses to the student’s internship or work experience.

This capstone seminar has two purposes. The first is to provide students with an opportunity to integrate theory and practice in the criminal justice system by comparing and contrasting the knowledge presented in various criminal justice courses with experiences in the internship course. The second is based on a belief that students who are about to graduate should have acquired four basic skills: the ability to read critically, write clearly, think analytically and speak effectively. During the course of the term, students will have an opportunity to display their command of these skills through a series of written and oral assignments.

Students will be placed in a suitable agency by a faculty member and supervised via the capstone course, CJCR 4930. This course, which must be taken during the last semester, will involve a series of written reports and oral presentations, which relate not only to their work experience, but also core concepts learned in the classroom. It is anticipated that the faculty member responsible for placement will also teach the capstone course, which will include the supervision of the student while in the internship. 


PSYC 4751 – Psychology Internship (3)
Prerequisites: PSYC 1102; PSYC 2000 or PSYC 2010; PSYC 3020; PSYC 3030 and consent of the internship coordinator

Students may complete an internship to satisfy the senior capstone experience. For the internship, students are required to participate in a structured field experience applying psychological principles, theory and research. The internship options include placement at a community facility, placement in an office on campus, shadowing a practicing professional or participating in a research lab. Students must complete a final term project at the end of their internship. The internship option may be repeated once for additional credit.