Georgia Gwinnett College is one of eight institutions participating in the Board of Regents' USG-STEM Initiative II. Funding from this initiative will allow GGC to improve its teaching of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

Ultimately, our goal is to attract more students to the STEM disciplines and to help those students realize their educational and career ambitions. Opportunities also exist for SST faculty to use this grant to expand existing curriculum. Find out more.

The Four-year Undergraduate Research Experience

The STEM Initiative has allowed GGC to revolutionize the undergraduate learning experience by launching the Four-year Undergraduate Research Experience (URE). This is a multi-faceted program designed to give all SST students unprecedented opportunities to conduct authentic research as a part of their undergraduate education. The following initiatives are supported by this effort:

Course-embedded Research

Using STEM Initiative funds, SST is now weaving genuine research into the curriculum of regular STEM courses – from information technology to organic chemistry. Find out more.

Faculty-mentored Research

Students enrolled in a STEC-4500 or a STEC-2500 course spend a semester diving into a faculty-mentored research project. Faculty define the research topic, but students play a key role in getting the job done. Find out more.

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Every student has a different learning style. This initiative explores different options for teaching STEM disciplines. Find out more.

Service Learning

We are now designing a course to teach future science teachers about the best practices in their chosen profession. Students enrolled in this class spend a semester in the Gwinnett County Public School System, working alongside science teachers to educate and invigorate the next generation of STEM majors. In addition to forging important links with the community (and future GGC students) this project will improve students' teaching skills and their grasp of the material. For more information, contact the program's coordinator, Dr. Allison D'Costa.

SST STEM Symposium

The STEM II Initiative supports the SST STEM Symposium, where a variety of SST STEM projects are showcased each spring.