The School of Transitional Studies (STS) is dedicated to the academic and holistic success of every student enrolled at GGC. Need some help with that English paper? We have tutors who can help. Not sure if you have the study skills to handle your first-ever college final? We have a workshop for that. Having a hard time figuring out what math class you should take? Our Student Success Advisors can give you some sound advice.

Our goal is to help students achieve their personal best and graduate, whatever their academic major is. Our services are free and open to all GGC students.

The School of Transitional Studies promotes academic integrity through strict adherence to the College's policy on documentation and plagiarism.

How can we help you?

Academic Enhancement Center

The Academic Enhancement Center (AEC) provides free, confidential help in a variety of subjects, from peer and professional tutors and GGC faculty volunteers.  Tutoring is available in C-G360, online, in the classroom or at a various locations on campus. To find out about more about a tutoring services, call 678.407.5191.

Each semester, the AEC offers workshops to students that provide helpful advice on critical areas that affect academic performance. Here are some examples:

  • Note-taking
  • Time management
  • Communication with your professors
  • Combating test anxiety
  • APA, MLA and Turabian citation styles
  • Grammar for writing 

Student Success Courses

STS sponsors Student Success courses in English and math for entering students whose placement indexes place them below college level in these areas. These learning support courses help students build a strong foundation for college level courses. 

English for Academic Purposes

The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses are for high school graduates whose native language is not English. These courses help students develop the academic communication skills they need to achieve success at GGC.

Mentoring and Advising Center

The Mentoring and Advising Center (MAC) offers a range of services and programs to meet the needs of all GGC students. Student Success Advisors additionally mentor students enrolled in Student Success classes, including English for Academic Purposes (EAP), English, and math. Students can meet with advisors on an appointment or drop-in basis.

Advising promotes the personal success and academic achievement of students through quality educational advisement, academic planning and targeted skills development. Advising provides students with information regarding testing, course placement, curricular choices, programs of study and graduation requirements. Advising also clarifies academic policies and guidelines required by the Board of Regents and by Georgia Gwinnett College and connects students with appropriate campus resources and services.

New Student Connections

New Student Connections team members welcome new students at Grizzly Orientation sessions and help them prepare for their time at GGC. NSC also supports online health and safety training modules for GGC students.

Testing Services

GGC's Testing Services provides students with a quiet, professional environment to take their admissions (SAT/ACT), placement (ACCUPLACER), and/or professional exams (e.g. GACE, TEAS), whether they be computer-based or paper-based. Testing Services offers a secure and standardized setting that is free of distractions and interruptions.