The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program is dedicated to helping students whose first language is not English. Our goal is to give you the communications skills and resources you'll need to succeed at GGC.

How EAP Works

If English is not your first language, EAP (English for Academic Purposes) classes will provide you with the appropriate English language support. You may qualify for EAP placement if you:

  • scored below 430 on the SAT Critical Reading Test (prior to March 2016) or 24 on the SAT Reading Test (during or after March 2016) or
  • scored below 17 on the English ACT or
  • do not have any college-level English credits to transfer to GGC.

Your placement scores will be used as part of your admission and placement process. Depending upon your English Placement Index (EPI) score, you may be required to take a few EAP courses before taking college-level English.

Students should visit Testing Services or call 678.407.5240 to schedule a placement test. The ACCUPLACER placement test consists of a reading comprehension test and WritePlacer writing test. 

Exiting the EAP Program

To exit the EAP program, students must pass all their EAP courses, including EAP 0999/ENGL 1101* with a C or better.