To succeed in college, it’s important that you read, write and understand math at a college level. The School of Transitional Studies can help you get up to speed in these areas.

Not sure if you need help?

The STS staff can help you choose the course that's right for you. In general, however, standard test scores such as the SAT or ACT will tell us if you need help. If those scores are not available (or if they are below a certain level) you will be asked to take the placement test to place you in the right English, reading and/or mathematics course. The placement test is administered through the Office of Testing Services. Register to take the placement test.

Help with English

If you enter GGC without English credits from another college or you scored below 480 on the English portion of the SAT (or below 21 on the ACT), you must take the placement test to determine what English class you should take at GGC. You will also need to take the placement test if you transfer into GGC with less than 30 semester-hours of credit.

NOTE: If English is not your first language, your placement score may contribute to your placement in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) classes. The EAP classes will help you gain the language skills and confidence you'll need to succeed in college-level English (ENGL1101).

Help with Reading

There is one STS course dedicated to improving students' reading skills. That course, READ 098, is for students who

  • scored below 480 on the reading portion of the SAT
  • scored below 21 on the ACT

READ 098
This course focuses on the reading skills, critical analysis and test-taking skills all students need to succeed in a college environment. To exit this requirement, you must pass READ 098 with a "C" or better and pass a reading proficiency test.

Help with Math

If you score below 460 on the SAT math test (or below 19 on the ACT) you must take the placement test to see which GGC math class is right for you.

You may have other options
two students looking at a computerYou may be able to satisfy these academic requirements and gain the course credit you need to continue your education at GGC. The School of Transitional Studies offers new courses that can speed up the process of gaining college-level competency in English, reading and mathematics.
Drop by the Mentoring and Advising Center to find out more about your options.