Frequently Asked Questions

What are Student Success courses?

Student Success courses are learning support courses required by the Board of Regents to help students succeed in college-level courses.

What courses are offered?

Student Success English

  • ENGL 0989 Foundations English Composition
  • ENGL 0999 Support for English Composition/ENGL 1101* English Composition I (Segue English)

Student Success Math

  • MATH 0987 Foundations Math – Quantitative Reasoning
  • MATH 0997 Support for Quantitative Reasoning/ MATH 1001* Quantitative Reasoning (Access Math – Quantitative Reasoning)
  • MATH 0989 Foundations Math – College Algebra
  • MATH 0999 Support for College Algebra/MATH 1111* College Algebra (Access Math – College Algebra)

EAP/English for Academic Purposes (For students for whom English is not their first language)

  • EAP 0092 Academic Communication Skills
  • EAP 0988 Foundations College Reading
  • EAP 0989 Foundations English Composition 
  • EAP 0999 Support for English Composition/ENGL 1101* English Composition I (EAP Segue English)

Can I delay taking a Student Success course until a later semester and take all college-level classes now?

No, Student Success courses take priority.

Students may take some additional college-level courses along with the Student Success courses. (See GGC catalog or GGC course schedule for prerequisites.)

Can I withdraw from a Student Success course?

No, students must remain in their Student Success courses unless they also withdraw from their college-level courses. Special circumstances must be approved by a Mentoring and Advising Center advisor.

What is the 30-hour rule?

Students must complete their Student Success courses before earning 30 hours of college credit or they may only take Student Success courses.

Students with transfer credit who are required to take Student Success courses may earn up to 30 additional credit-hours of college-level coursework. After earning those additional hours, students must enroll in Student Success courses only.

What are attempts?

An attempt is the number of times a student takes a STS course.

Students in the University System of Georgia Schools must exit each STS discipline area in/within:

  • two (2) attempts for ENGL 0989; 
  • two (2) attempts in MATH 0987 or MATH 0989

Co-requisite courses: ENGL 0999, MATH 0997 or MATH 0999 have no limit on the number of attempts.

English for Academic Purposes courses (EAP/ESL) have no limit on the number of attempts.

What if I use up all of my attempts before I can exit?

There is a one-year suspension period for all schools in the University System of Georgia.

How do I exit Student Success courses?

Students exit the co-requisite-level Student Success course by passing the corresponding college-level course in English (ENGL 1101) or mathematics (MATH 1001 or MATH 1111) with a C or better.