Paying for college may seem like a daunting task, but there are resources available to help you.

Examine all of your options, apply for financial aid early and be sure to pay your bill on time.

Paying Online

All GGC students may directly review their accounts by logging onto our convenient Student Account Self-Service page. Once there, you will need to enter your student identification number (ID) and personal identification number (PIN) to gain access.

Paying In Person

Student Accounts offers all students the opportunity to pay their bills, add funds to their Claw Cards and complete most other financial transactions with the College by visiting the cashiers located in Building D, room 1147. Cashiers are authorized to accept cash payments, money orders, bank checks and personal checks drawn on a U.S.-based checking account. All personal check payments are debited by electronic fund transfer from the payor's account. The cashier office is open Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Paying with Nelnet Payment Plan

Georgia Gwinnett College is pleased to offer, through Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS), a convenient payment plan for all students, regardless of financial status. Instead of paying each semester's bill all at once, the Nelnet payment plan allows you to stretch payments over a period of months using a debit card, credit card or an electronic transfer of funds from a checking or savings account. It is not a loan program, and no interest charges will accrue. There is no credit check. No student is required to use this service.

While GGC is informing students of this service, Nelnet is an independent business which is solely responsible for providing and managing this service. Any terms and/or conditions of this program are solely the responsibility of Nelnet. Any questions or concerns a student may have while using Nelnet need to be addressed directly with Nelnet.

Nelnet Details and Deadlines

You can enroll in the Nelnet payment plan by logging onto Banner, going to the Student Account Center and clicking on the "Nelnet Payment Plan Enrollment" link. During the enrollment process you will receive instructions on how to review your accounts at any time. Students who are not yet registered for courses can use the tuition calculator to estimate the cost of tuition in order to set up a plan with Nelnet. Once registered, make sure that the budgeted amount is the full balance due on the account. If it is not, plan to make adjustments by the published deadline.

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