Summer Academy FAQs

How long is the Summer Academy?

The Summer Academy is six weeks.

Do I have to live on campus in order to participate?

Yes. By staying on campus during the Summer Academy, students are able to become acclimated with the GGC prior to the Fall semester.

Will I have to stay on campus during the weekend?

No. Students are able to leave campus during the weekend, but should be back to campus in time for Monday scheduled activities and classes.

I only need one foundation course, what other classes will I be taking?

Students who only need one foundation course will be enrolled in a humanities course, which will count towards your major program plan. Students on the STEM track will also take GGC 1000.

Can I retake the Accuplacer and test out of my foundation class?

Yes, if you retest before starting classes. Once you have started a foundation class you are unable to retest.

How much does the Summer Academy cost?

The cost of the Summer Academy will vary for students, depending on the number of credit hours taken. Tuition rates for the Summer Academy are the same for Fall, Spring and regular Summer classes. However, certain fees are waived for Summer Academy participants only, resulting in significant cost savings.