Aaliyah Muhammad

Ms. Aaliyah Muhammad

Aaliyah Muhammad graduated from Georgia Gwinnett College in May 2018 with her bachelor's degree in business administration, with a concentration in marketing.

During her years as a student at Georgia Gwinnett College, Muhammad was a resident assistant, orientation assistant and member of Georgia Gwinnett College's Honors Program. It is in these positions that she realized her passion for helping students adjust to college life and experienced all that GGC has to offer. She is excited to bring this passion to admissions counseling.

Where will Aaliyah Be


5: South Fulton Fair (PROBE)
7: Banneker High School College Fair
7: Discovery High School College and Career Fair
8: Duluth Middle School Career Fair
10: Langston Hughes High School College Fair
12: Tri-Cities High School Apply to College Day
13: Banneker High School Apply to College Day
14: South Paulding High School 
15-16: Columbus High School
16: William H. Spencer High School
28: Creekside High School College Fair
29: New Manchester High School