Georgia Gwinnett College's student ambassadors are optimistic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and often the first interaction our guests have with the College. As the true faces of GGC, they offer unique views and serve to welcome future Grizzlies into our campus community.

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Class: Senior
Major: Biology with a minor in business administration
Hometown: Columbus, Ga.
Student involvement / leadership: Member of SCRUBS, I volunteer at a children’s hospital and I take part in Junior Achievement activities.
Favorite thing about GGC: The professors at GGC are more than happy to help students, and I love that GGC has free tutoring on campus.
Favorite place on campus: The library. I love to get there early so I’ll have a chance to use one of the private study rooms.
Interesting fact: I enjoy exercising and traveling.
Advice for new students: It doesn’t feel good to have to play catch up or have to retake classes your junior or senior year, so give your all in every class you take. Taking school seriously is an investment that you will thank yourself later for. 


Class: Sophomore
Major: Mathematics, teacher certification
Hometown: Loganville, Ga.
High school: Loganville Christian Academy
Student involvement / leadership: Did a semester of Army ROTC. I am always looking for ways to help out on campus.
Favorite thing about GGC: The faculty
Favorite place on campus: Chick-fil-A
Interesting fact: I ran cross-country for seven years.
Advice for new students:  Study, study, study!


Class: Junior
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Grayson, Ga.
High school: Grayson
Student involvement / leadership: Honors Program, Gentiva Hospice, Relay for Life, Asian Student Association secretary
Favorite thing about GGC: The friendly campus and environment
Favorite place on campus: Starbucks café area
Interesting fact: I’m a leftie!      
Advice for prospective students: It may feel scary not being around your family or friends, at first, but it is all part of a new chapter of your life. It is okay to embrace a new change.


Class: Senior
Major: Business administration, marketing
Hometown: Venezuela
High school: U.E. Colegio Iberoamericano
Student involvement / leadership: President of the Marketing Club and member of the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALFA)
Favorite thing about GGC: Small class sizes, one-on-one conversations with professors and the diversity of the school
Favorite place on campus: Student Center
Interesting fact: I speak three languages: Spanish, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin dialects) and English.
Advice for new students: To be able to succeed, you must know how to use your resources effectively. That’s why you must constantly check your email and D2L, know how to effectively organize your time, build relationships with your professors, and get involved on campus. 


Class: Junior
Major: Political science, legal studies with a minor in criminal justice
Hometown: New Brunswick, N.J.
High school: Provost Academy, Atlanta
Favorite thing about GGC: The sizes of the classrooms are small and it's very easy to learn and get help from your professors.
Favorite place on campus: The Health and Sciences building, where I love to study in the pockets off to the side in the new addition
Interesting fact: I used to model when I was a kid.
Advice for prospective students: Network with the people that you meet. And have fun. College is going to be stressful and hard, but it will pay off when you walk down the stage in your cap and gown.


Class: Senior
Major: General biology
Hometown: Grayson, Ga.
High school: Grayson High School
Student involvement / leadership: Member of the Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS)
Favorite thing about GGC: My favorite thing about GGC is the small student-to-teacher ratio. At GGC, teachers always know your name.
Favorite place on campus: My favorite place on campus is the library. I really enjoy studying. Whenever my study group and I have a big test coming up, we always reserve one of the study rooms. This makes it easy for a big group to study together. (And it doesn’t hurt that there’s a Starbucks right next to it.) 
Interesting fact: I have played the violin for 12 years.
Advice for new students: Do not be afraid; the best thing you can do is start joining clubs/organizations. You will make so many new friends.


Class: Sophomore
Major: Elementary education
Hometown: Snellville, Ga.
High school: South Gwinnett High School
Favorite thing about GGC: The diversity of campus. Whoever you are, however “crazy” you are, you are sure to find some really good friends.
Favorite place on campus: The third floor of the library. I usually either do homework or watch Netflix while I look out over the entire library. 
Interesting fact: A lot of people call me crazy for wanting to teach 5th grade, but I think it’s one of the best grades to teach.
Best GGC memory: Having the same class with most of the same people my first semester. It was so easy making new friends, and we made some of the craziest, funniest memories.
Advice for new students: Turn in all documents for financial aid and admission, as well as homework and papers, on time.


Class: Junior
Major: Business administration, international business
Hometown: Queens, N.Y.
High school: Duluth High School
Student involvement / leadership: Vice president of the Association of Latin Professionals for America (ALPFA)
Favorite thing about GGC: My favorite thing about GGC would have to be the diversity at our school.
Favorite place on campus: The GGC library would have to be my favorite place on campus. Friendly staff are always ready to help, and it's clean, modern and peaceful.
Interesting fact: First to attend college in my family
Best GGC memory: My favorite memory at GGC would have to be attending the GGC Networking Night in the Heritage Room. I went in not knowing anybody and came out making new friends, meeting employers, and gaining valuable information and advice.
Advice for new students: College is challenging, so study hard and manage your time. Don’t be afraid to attend events at school even if you don’t know anyone because more than likely you’ll always come out making a friend. Try to get involved, take risks, get out of your comfort zone and just make your college experience the best it can be. 


Class: Sophomore
Major: Information technology, digital media
Hometown: Stone Mountain, Ga.
High school: Stephenson High School
Student involvement / leadership: Active member of Women of IT organization
Favorite thing about GGC: My favorite thing about GGC is everyone and everything is here for my maximum success in and outside the classroom.
Favorite place on campus: My favorite place on campus is the Student center when I am there I typically finish work or study in between classes. 
Interesting fact: Cleaning is my stress reliever.
Best GGC memory: My best memory at GGC was the Annual Fall Fashion show. Last semester was my first year attending. I loved the fashions and enjoyed the overall atmosphere of the campus that night. 
Advice for new students: My advice to a new student would be to get involved on campus as much as possible and take advantage of the many opportunities and services that GGC has to offer because they are going to be extremely beneficial to you as a new student in the long run.


Class: Freshman
Major: Cinema and media arts production
Hometown: Duluth, Ga.
High school: Duluth High School
Student involvement / leadership: OLAS since spring 2017
Favorite thing about GGC: My favorite thing about GGC is the level of communication available between the students and faculty – how it is easy to always be in contact with someone, and the feeling you get knowing that you always have people who you can reach out to for help.  
Favorite place on campus: My favorite place at GGC would have to be the lawn. The lawn is a perfect place to relax and catch some sun before or after class. I usually like to go there in the morning and just watch the sunrise and hang out with friends.
Interesting fact: I can speak three languages which are English, Spanish and French, and I am currently learning Japanese. I plan on knowing at least 10 languages at the most because the more I know the more people I can talk to.
Best GGC memory: My best GGC memory so far has to be getting accepted in. I had waited to the last minute and did not expect to get in until spring semester. I didn’t know what to do because I am the first person in my family to go to college, so everything was a new experience for me. Thankfully I was able to find good help from family/ friends, and everything worked out. 
Advice for new students: Don’t be shy. Ask for help. Get involved. Starting college is a brand-new start, and you don’t have to be who you were in high school. Open up, and you will see that your time here will be more enjoyable. There are so many things you can do here in college; you just have to be willing to look.  


Class: Junior
Major: Biology, biochemistry
Hometown: Sacramento, Calif.
High school: Mill Creek High School
Student involvement / leadership: Gwinnett Medical student volunteer; Honors Program, Leadership & Advisory Board; Tri Beta, president (2017-2018); Pharmacy Club, vice president (2017-2018); Biology Club, Leadership Board (2017-2018) 
Favorite thing about GGC: The experiences. There’s so much to do on campus and various opportunities are available just for you. The professors make sure your learning experiences are personal and well-rounded, and the students you meet inspire you to achieve new heights. 
Favorite place on campus: The quiet study area on the library’s third floor. I like sitting near the windows and being productive there. It’s very quiet, and it’s a perfect place to get things done.
Interesting fact: I'm Hmong.
Best GGC memory: Going to Washington, D.C. with the ENGL-1102 Honors class. We had the opportunity to participate in a Model United Nations Security Council conference. During our free time, we got to tour the Smithsonian and the capital.
Advice for new students: Although it is highly encouraged to be involved and stay proactive, please don’t forget to take care of yourself. No matter what’s on my plate, I always try to take mental breaks, hang out with friends and family, eat regularly, exercise, and get plenty of sleep. Of course, that’s a lot easier said than done, haha! Also, whenever you are in a pinch, please don’t ever hesitate to ask for help. :) Us Grizzlies are like family.


Class: Junior
Major: Criminal justice/criminology
Hometown: Ellenwood, Ga.
High school: Morrow
Student involvement / leadership: A part of Volunteer GGC, Black Student Union, Four Pillar Society, Asian Student Association
Favorite thing about GGC: The local community vibe. I love how the size of the school does not allow it to affect its performance. Everyone around the college always seems like a family.
Favorite place on campus: I love the library. It seems like it's the best I've been in my whole life. It is definitely first class.
Interesting fact: I love hot wings!!
Advice for prospective students: Just be yourself, and have fun. Also, realize that you have to be open-minded.

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