Georgia Gwinnett College's Student Ambassadors are optimistic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and often the first interaction our guests have with the College. As the true faces of GGC, they offer unique views and serve to welcome future grizzlies into our campus community.

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Class: Junior
Major: General biology
Hometown: Grayson, Ga.
Student involvement / leadership: I volunteer at the hospital, and I'm in OLAS, the Honors Program, Tri Beta and the Biology Club. I and a friend are trying to start up Alpha Epsilon Delta, which is a pre-health honor society. I also lift weights and work at Publix.
Favorite thing about GGC: The diversity!
Favorite place on campus: Student Center, LVIS
Interesting fact: I'm the first generation (in my family) to go to college in America.
Advice for prospective students: College can be fun, but make sure you know how to have fun, and remember what your priorities are first, yourself and your future.


Class: Senior
Major: Business administration with a concentration in marketing
Hometown: Hoschton, Ga.
Student involvement / leadership: 2012/13 Georgia Gwinnett College Outstanding Freshman Award recipient, President of the Marketing Club 2015-16, Member of Golden Key International Honour Society, Member of National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi), Member of Sigma Beta Delta (International Honor Society in Business, Management and Administration), Volunteer GGC
Favorite thing about GGC: Convenient access to professor feedback via email, phone and meetings. Professors have a strong desire for students to succeed.
Favorite thing to do at GGC: Talking with friends on campus
Interesting fact: I’m allergic to peanuts.
Advice for prospective students: Check Brightspace by D2L and campus email often. Keep organized.


Class: Sophomore
Major: English
Hometown: Decatur, Ga.
High school: Forest Park
Student involvement / leadership: Federal Work Study student and resident assistant
Favorite thing about GGC: It has a home feeling about it.
Favorite place on campus: The walkway from 3000 parking lot to the end of the Health and Sciences Building on a Saturday and Sunday.
Interesting fact: I do photography.
Advice for prospective students: Just be yourself. Finding acceptance and friendship will come easy with that one trait.

EmmanuelEmmanuel "Manny"

Class: Junior
Major: Information technology
Hometown: Harlem, N.Y.
Student involvement / leadership: Resident assistant, 2014-2015
Favorite thing about GGC: Small class size
Favorite place on campus: Wellness and Recreation Center
Interesting fact: Yes I am tall, and no I don't play basketball.
Advice for prospective students: Be comfortable with yourself before trying to be comfortable around other people.


Class: Sophomore
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Grayson, Ga.
High school: Grayson
Student involvement / leadership: Honors Program, Gentiva Hospice, Relay for Life, Asian Student Association secretary
Favorite thing about GGC: The friendly campus and environment
Favorite place on campus: Starbucks café area
Interesting fact: I’m a leftie!      
Advice for prospective students: It may feel scary not being around your family or friends, at first, but it is all part of a new chapter of your life. It is okay to embrace a new change.


Class: Senior
Major: Business administration with a concentration on international business
Hometown: Born in Los Angeles raised in Georgia
Student involvement / leadership: Student ambassador
Favorite thing about GGC: The student / teacher interaction is a priority for many professors which make the learning process easier and a better experience.
Favorite thing to do at GGC: Drink my coffee and get as much homework and assignments done in the Library or anywhere quiet on campus.
Favorite movie: "The Longest Ride"
Favorite food: Peruvian ceviche
Interesting fact: I want to go for a hot air balloon ride, but I am scared of heights.
Advice for prospective students: Don’t give up, regardless of how hard a situation seems!


Class: Senior
Major: Psychology, minor in criminal justice
Hometown: Saint Petersburg, Russia
High school: Brookwood
Student involvement / leadership: Honors Program, National Society of Leadership and Success
Favorite thing about GGC: Small class sizes
Favorite place on campus: Library
Interesting fact: I've traveled to five countries. Love to travel.
Advice for prospective students: Take your time; it is okay if you do not graduate in four years.


Class: Sophomore
Major: Political science with a concentration on political studies and a minor in criminal justice
Hometown: New Brunswick, N.J.
High school: Provost Academy, Atlanta
Favorite thing about GGC: The sizes of the classrooms are small and it's very easy to learn and get help from your professors.
Favorite place on campus: The Health and Sciences building, where I love to study in the pockets off to the side in the new addition
Interesting fact: I used to model when I was a kid.
Advice for prospective students: Network with the people that you meet. And have fun. College is going to be stressful and hard, but it will pay off when you walk down the stage in your cap and gown.


Class: Sophomore
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Nepal
High school: Berkmar
Student involvement / leadership: I am a Work Study student for the Office of Admissions and student ambassador, and I am planning to involve more in organizations on campus.
Favorite thing about GGC: GGC provides equal opportunities to be successful for all students, regardless of their race and background. Also, class sizes are small, and professors are really knowledgeable and passionate.
Favorite place on campus: I like the quiet study rooms at the library, where I do my homework and study in peace. I also like the game room, where I play ping pong with my friends during free time between classes. 
Interesting fact: I was born and raised in a small refugee camp in eastern Nepal.
Advice for prospective students: Never give up. As Manolis Votsis says, "success is always a process, never an event. Failure is always an event, never a person."


Class: Sophomore
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Born and raised in Farmington, Mo. Lived in Duluth, Ga. for 8 years.
High school: Peachtree Ridge
Student involvement / leadership: Miss Freshman, 2015, Honors Program, student ambassador, Greenlight Activities, board treasurer
Favorite thing about GGC: Private school feel with low tuition
Favorite place on campus: Health and Sciences building
Interesting fact: I can ride a unicycle.
Advice for prospective students: College is a place to develop as a person. The best way to do so is to try things you aren't comfortable or familiar with, starting with getting involved on campus.


Class: Junior
Major: Psychology
Hometown: I don't have one; I move too much.
High school: South Gwinnett
Student involvement / leadership: Student ambassador
Favorite thing about GGC: It's a college.
Favorite place on campus: The library.
Interesting fact: I write books and poems, read, and analyze people.
Advice for prospective students: College is a video game. As a player, you will face challenges that seem impossible to complete. However, every game has an ending and a quest. It's your job to be the hero of the story.


Class: Senior
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.
High school: Archer
Student involvement / leadership: Lions Club International, student ambassador, Marketing Club, Volunteer GGC
Favorite thing about GGC: Never getting lost in the crowd because faculty and staff care about your success here
Favorite place on campus: Library
Interesting fact: I'm learning sign language.
Advice for prospective students: Get involved!


Class: Senior
Major: International business
Hometown: Bogota, Columbia
Student involvement / leadership: Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS)
Favorite thing about GGC: Being able to have friends from all over the world
Favorite place on campus: The GGC Lawn
Interesting fact: I like to do crazy Snapchats. I am a very happy person who likes to work out a lot.
Advice for prospective students: Always fight for what you love, and no matter what, God will have the best for you.


Class: Sophomore
Major: Criminal justice/criminology
Hometown: Ellenwood, Ga.
High school: Morrow
Student involvement / leadership: A part of Volunteer GGC, Black Student Union, Four Pillar Society, Asian Student Association
Favorite thing about GGC: The local community vibe. I love how the size of the school does not allow it to affect its performance. Everyone around the college always seems like a family.
Favorite place on campus: I love the library. It seems like it's the best I've been in my whole life. It is definitely first class.
Interesting fact: I love hot wings!!
Advice for prospective students: Just be yourself, and have fun. Also, realize that you have to be open-minded.


Class: Senior
Major: Early childhood education
Hometown: Dacula, Ga.
Student involvement / leadership: Student ambassador, love to volunteer with all the events on campus and to mentor and help fellow students
Favorite thing about GGC: The multiple activities and small classes
Interesting fact: I am the fourth generation "Reba" in my family.
Advice for prospective students: Enjoy your time in college, have fun and get involved, but also stay focused on your classes.


Class: Senior
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Manila, Philippines
High school: Norcross
Student involvement / leadership: President of Psychology Club, member of Psi Chi Honor Society and member of Student Integrity Board
Favorite thing about GGC: The one-to-one interaction you get with your professors
Favorite place on campus: Study rooms in the library
Interesting fact: Sleeping is a hobby.
Advice for prospective students: Freshman year is the easiest, yet the hardest, so don't let your grades slip.


Class: Senior
Major: Exercise science
Hometown: Tomsriver, N.J.
Student involvement / leadership: In high school, I was in the Latin club, played third base for the softball team all 4 years, and was in the marching band and symphonic band. I was a clarinet section leader for my junior and senior years. I just became a  student ambassador (Fall 2015), I am a member of GGC’s RSO B.E.A.R.S. (Bridging Exercise and Real Science), as well as volunteer for the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta.
Favorite thing about GGC: I like the small class sizes, the student/professor interactions, and the flipped math and science classes.
Favorite thing to do at GGC: I like to sit outside to study. The campus is beautiful and the atmosphere is relaxing.
Favorite food: I love cheese.
Interesting fact: I grew up in Florida and love the beach. I am a Florida State University football fan and attended FSU before moving to Georgia. 
Advice for prospective students: Never let anyone tell you that you cannot accomplish something, never accept defeat and never give up on your dreams. It’s never too late.


Class: Senior
Major: Political science, concentration in legal studies
Hometown: Norcross, Ga.
High school: Norcross
Student involvement / leadership: I currently hold positions as GGC student ambassador, charter member of the Georgia Gwinnett College Four Pollar Society, vice president of The Law Society, secretary of the GGC Campus Democrats, and student assistant for the Office of Advancement.
Favorite thing about GGC: GGC offers so many resources to advance yourself, and first and foremost, always puts the student first. If it will help the student succeed, GGC will make it happen for you or already has it at your fingertips.
Favorite place on campus: LVIS in the Student Center on the second floor. A lot of my favorite GGC memories took place in that room.
Interesting fact: During my Bear Essentials orientation, I whispered to one of the students on the tour with me, "none of these buildings have names on them. My goal is to get my name on at least one as my legacy." That was in 2013. Granted I didn't expect my name on one so soon. By 2016, my face and name was on the side of the Wellness and Recreation Center facing Hwy. 316. While it is temporary, it is a motivation to get it on one of GGC's fine buildings, some day.
Advice for prospective students: There are several opportunities to grow, develop and find your place in society at GGC. It is up to you as the driver to your own destination to go out, be open minded and see where the GGC path to success can take you. Lucky for you, GGC is a friendly community and anyone is willing to help you along the way. Especially me.


Class: Senior
Major: Economics
Hometown: El Salvador
Student involvement / leadership: Treasurer, Organization Of Latin American Students (OLAS), Relay for Life, GGC volunteer, Hispanic Organization Promoting Education (HOPE), Miss Junior Georgia Gwinnett College.
Favorite thing about GGC: I love the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with professors due to the small classroom sizes, and also the many opportunities to get involved in more than 100 organizations on campus.
Favorite thing to do at GGC: I love volunteering in different events on campus and going to Starbucks to relax after class.
Favorite movie: "The Fault in Our Stars"
Favorite food: Steak is my weakness.
Interesting fact: I love rock climbing.
Advice for prospective students: Don’t be afraid of the unknown, and be ready to ask any question because “knowledge speaks but wisdom listens.” –Jimi Hendrix


Class: Senior
Major: General chemistry
Hometown: Lawrenceville, Ga.
High school: Berkmar (2009-2012)
Student involvement / leadership: Student assistant Hispanic Engagement Program, Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS), Student Involvement, Student Government Association, Senator School of Science and Technology
Favorite thing about GGC: My favorite things about GGC is that you have the chance to be one-on-one with professors and gain a relationship with many opportunities for research and new activities.    
Favorite place on campus: My favorite place on campus would be a study room in Health and Sciences for alone time to study and do homework, and the Starbucks café for meeting with friends.
Interesting fact: One interesting fact would be I love photography and visiting new places and meeting new people.
Advice for prospective students: Advice for prospective students from my personal experience, get involved as soon as you can. Getting involved will dedicate you to improve in classes and focus.


Class: Sophomore
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Dacula, Ga.
High school: Mill Creek
Student involvement / leadership: Psychology Club and Film Club
Favorite thing about GGC: Diversity of the student life and campus setup
Favorite place on campus: Library and Building A
Interesting fact: My favorite animal is a panda.
Advice for prospective students: Be open-minded and optimistic to the new experiences you will be introduced to.

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