Student Accounts officially records all payments made to cover student account balances. Maintaining that account in good standing is the responsibility of the student. The information provided here is designed to help students in accurately managing their accounts.

Billing and payment

Student Accounts sends bills directly to students via their GGC email accounts. Students who experience any difficulty accessing their email should seek immediate resolution for that problem by contacting the GGC Help Desk (678.407.5611), as payment will be expected on the "payment due" date contained in the bill or published on the GGC website. Paper bills are only issued when the student is no longer enrolled in the College and a balance is due.

Students may log onto the Student Account Self-Service website to view and make payments on their bills, electronically. Students who experience a problems with the self-service option should contact the One Stop office at 678.407.5016.

Payments may be made through the mail:

Office of Student Accounts
Georgia Gwinnett College
Building D-1147
1000 University Center Lane
Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Please include the student name and ID on the payment.

Payments may be made in person by visiting Student Accounts, Building D-1147, during regular office hours. Cashiers are authorized to accept cash payments, money orders, bank checks and personal checks drawn on a U.S.-based checking account. Check payments are debited by electronic fund transfer from the payor's checking account.


At the time of registration, students agree to pay their tuition and fees on the due date published by the College. Balances may be paid using appropriate resources, including the student's financial aid award, the Nelnet payment plan, or other resources. Any student with an unpaid balance after the "payment due" date has passed may be dropped from his/her classes.

Any student who signs up for courses during the "drop/add" period must pay for those courses immediately. If payment is not received immediately, the student may be dropped from classes and may be subject to collection procedures in due course.

Failure to pay any sums when due to Georgia Gwinnett College may result in late fees and assignment to a collection agency where allowable under law, in which event the student will be responsible for all fees and costs of collection.  Once placed with a collection agency, the account may be subject to up to a 33 percent collection charge or the allowable rate.  The College has the right to litigate, and the student will be responsible for all associated costs, including attorney fees.  In addition, a delinquency report will be filed with a credit bureau.

Failure to pay any sums when due to Georgia Gwinnett College will result in the placement of a hold on the student account until the account and all costs of collection, including payment of reasonable attorney's fees, has been paid.  A hold on the student account will prevent receiving grades, registering for courses, receiving a diploma and obtaining transcripts.

Returned payments

If a student's payment to the College is returned for any reason, that student will be liable for a service charge in the amount of $30.00 or 5 percent of the face value of the payment, whichever is greater. A notice of the returned payment will be sent to the student via his/her GGC email account and by U.S. Mail. That notice will include a deadline for when the payment (including all fees) must be made.

If a returned payment creates a debit balance on the student's account, a hold will be placed on that account. This hold will block access to registration, enrollment verification and graduation until complete restitution of funds is made. 

Once a hold has been placed on the account, the College reserves the right to demand that future payments be made in the form of certified check, money order or cash and that the student no longer be able to use personal checks as a form of payment.