Major: Biology (teacher certification)Brigette Fontenot

Graduation year: 2013

Employer: Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS), educator, teaching 8th grade high school physical science in the Meadowcreek Cluster. Go Mustangs! 

Clubs/Organizations you were a part of at GGC: Student Government Association, senator School of Education

How has GGC helped prepare you for where you are today: My degree track was specifically designed with GCPS system in mind, so that I graduated with the tools needed for a smooth transition into my field.

Favorite memory about GGC: Surprisingly, my favorite memory of GGC came during my time in organic chemistry classes. I say that because the class was very challenging and required hours of study each week. During my year in "Orgo I and II," I forged many great friendships during long hours spent in study sessions. I truly feel those sessions helped me to become the teacher I am today (and to earn that A in Orgo II!). Thank goodness for all the whiteboard work space on campus.