Students gather at the Equinox Spanish School.

Students visit the Historic Center where each of the plazas showcase numerous presentations of folkloric dance and other aspects of Ecuadorian culture. Also, may of the buildings in Old Town Quito were built between 1550 and 1562, such as the Compañia Church (or the main Cathedral). Inside these buildings is a blend of Baroque and Quiteño art where nearly every inch is covered with gold leaf. One of the most important facts about the Historic Center is that it was the first World Heritage Site to be deemed by UNESCO as the best-preserved historic center in Latin America, dating back to the 1500s.

In the late afternoon, students return to the Equinox Spanish School to meet up with their host families for some free time.

Students will spend time in a reflection exercise titled, "Through My Eyes." Afterwards, students will coordinate the organization and distribution of the donated service project supplies at the Equinox Spanish School.

Equinox Spanish School