Request Information:
Please review the guidelines for each content type on the Communications Request page for submission requirements. Link is below.
Please note that any requests received after 12:00PM on Friday will not be assigned until Monday morning due to the weekend.
Basic Information:
If you selected Community member as your role, please provide more detail.
If you are a GGC student, please provide Point of Contact information of the faculty/staff member for us to contact regarding this request.
Creative Services Information:
Provide a clear, brief description of the project.
Show Calendar
Budget amount and what Department will pay for the project.
Detail project roll-out plan, mailing requirements, and other logistical information.
Who are you trying to attract? What will the audience think? What do you want them to think?
One or two key messages most important to project’s success.
What’s in it for the audience?
Detail competition, market realities, obstacles, and any other external factors that will affect the project.
Additional Information:
Attach any files that could be used to promote your announcement or event on digital signage, social media or the GGC website. If the total file size exceeds 5MB, please email the file as an attachment.
I understand and agree to adhere to the Graphic Standards and the Digital Communications Guide. Links are below.
For questions, please email: