The Staff Peer Mentor Program is a voluntary program intended to be one of the components of the overall onboarding program. Staff Peer Mentors play an integral role at Georgia Gwinnett College by complementing the onboarding program. Specifically, Staff Peer Mentors work alongside managers/supervisors to ensure new staff employees feel welcome and support engagement in GGC culture.

What is a Staff Peer Mentor?

A Staff Peer Mentor is a team member who partners with a new employee during their first six months of employment. While primarily responsible for offering advice, resources and guidance regarding the day-to-day aspects of working in the department and at Georgia Gwinnett College, the Staff Peer Mentor may also offer encouragement and knowledge resources, as they help introduce the new employee to the GGC culture.

Why Have a Staff Peer Mentor?

The purpose of assigning new employees a Staff Peer Mentor is to provide a knowledgeable, positive resource in the department during the critical onboarding period. Staff Peer Mentors play a significant role in welcoming and affirming the new employee’s decision to join the department and Georgia Gwinnett College. A Staff Peer Mentor helps to reduce the initial confusion and uncertainty often faced by new employees. By increasing the new employee’s ability to contribute to the department and college, the Staff Peer Mentor can help increase the new employee’s self-confidence and engagement in the GGC culture. Other advantages of having a Staff Peer Mentor include:

  • Building on the knowledge obtained in the OnBoarding Program and department orientation
  • Enabling new employees to become knowledgeable about department practices and organizational culture in a shorter period
  • Ensuring that routine queries regarding basic operational issues are dealt with expeditiously

An effective Staff Peer Mentor should be a positive, role-model member of the team who understands the new employee’s position and most importantly, will commit the time and attention to be an effective Staff Peer Mentor.

The new Employee/Staff Peer Mentor relationship will be more effective if the manager:

  • Allows time for the Staff Peer Mentor to be accessible to the new employee
  • Takes the time to personally introduce the new employee to their Staff Peer Mentor
  • Monitors the progress of the relationship to ensure it is proceeding well
  • Recognize the Staff Peer Mentor for their contribution to the program

Staff Peer Mentor Selection Criteria

A Staff Peer Mentor should:

  • Proven performer in current department; must be able to guide the new employee in many situations based on his/her experience and knowledge obtained in the work environment.
  • Accessible to new employees.
  • Display positive attitude and pride in GGC.
  • Displayed interest in building self-confidence and loyalty in the new employee.
  • Proven ability to lead by example.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Well regarded and respected by team members and exemplify GGC values.
  • Employed at GGC for at least twelve (12) months.
  • Understand the value and importance of effective OnBoarding at GGC.
  • Encourage open communications and provide relevant information to new employees and encourage a process of continued, self-directed learning.
  • Approval must be received from direct supervisor/manager to participate.

Staff Peer Mentor Responsibilities

  • Contact and meet the new employee on their first day
  • Establish a rapport with the new employee and provide open, positive communication, respecting confidentiality
  • Follow up with the new employee on a weekly basis. This can include meeting for lunch, brief chats, accompanying them to a meeting, etc.
  • Act as an informational resource on procedures, work rules, norms, day-to-day operational issues, etc.
  • Help integrate the new employee to the department and GGC’s guidelines, norms, culture and expectations
  • Answer general/routine questions
  • Make introductions and help establish networks

Please contact the Office of Human Resources for more information about the Staff Peer Mentor Program.