GGC is excited to introduce the newest faculty and staff members to our Grizzly family. Please take a moment to welcome our new Grizzlies.

Janice Alves

Mrs. Janice Alves

Lecturer of Mathematics

Anita Anderson

Dr. Anita Anderson

Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction

Seth Bagwell

Mr. Seth Bagwell

Admissions Counselor

Eric Choi

Dr. Eric Choi

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

MaryBeth Chrostowsky

Dr. MaryBeth Chrostowsky

Lecturer of Anthropology

Adam Cottrel

Dr. Adam Cottrel

Lecturer of Film

Jon Dmytryk

Mr. Jon Dmytryk

Communications Project Manager

Anca Doloc Mihu

Dr. Anca Doloc Mihu

Assistant Professor of Information Technology

Janieria Dupree

Miss Janieria Dupree

Admissions Processor

Danette Edwards

Mrs. Danette V. Edwards

Assistant – Office of Diversity, Institutional Equity and Title IX

Joshua Edwards

Mr. Joshua Edwards

Data Analyst

Gregory Embry

Mr. Gregory Embry

Executive Director of Admissions

Danise Goldsby-Owens

Mrs. Danise Goldsby-Owens

Accountant I

Sherrie Goodman

Ms. Sherrie Goodman

Assistant Director of the Career Development and Advising Center

Marilee Gorta

Mrs. Marilee Gorta

Lecturer of Mathematics

Leslie Grattan

Ms. Leslie Grattan

Admissions Processor

Kim Greene

Dr. Kim Greene

Lecturer of English

Jaron Hardy

Mr. Jaron Hardy

Classroom Audiovisual Tech

Splendid Houston

Mrs. Splendid Houston

Customer Care Agent

Mohammed Issah

Mr. Mohammed Issah

Systems Administrator III

Mari Jameison

Ms. Mari Jameison

Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Chazidy Jones

Ms. Chazidy Jones

Admissions Processor

Valerie Kasay

Ms. Valerie Kasay

Lecturer of Information Technology

Umar Khokhar

Dr. Umar Mujahid Khokhar

Lecturer of Information Technology

Vinavtee Kokil

Mrs. Vinavtee Kokil

Lecturer of Mathematics

Samantha Lapier

Ms. Samantha Lapier

Coordinator of Student Involvement

Dale Long

Mr. Dale Long

Director of Sports Information

Susan Manaskie

Dr. Susan Fader Manaskie

Director of Testing Services

Cathy McCrary

Dr. Cathy McCrary

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Samantha Mrstik

Dr. Samantha Mrstik

Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction

Rachel Nabulsi

Dr. Rachel V. Nabulsi

Lecturer of Religion

Lisa Pugsley

Mrs. Lisa Pugsley , MSN, RN, CPN

Instructor of Nursing

Kevin Schmidt

Mr. Kevin Schmidt

Director of Networking and Infrastructure

Whitney Smith

Miss Whitney Smith

Associate Director of the Career Development and Advising Center

Carlos Soares

Mr. Carlos Soares

Lecturer of Information Technology

Tara Thomson

Ms. Tara Thomson

Admissions Counselor

Luke Trawick

Mr. Luke Trawick

English Language Institute Instructional Staff

Benjamin Wentworth

Mr. Benjamin Wentworth

Coordinator of Student Integrity