Welcome to a new school year, the fall season and the promise of cooler temperatures. Let’s hope your semester is off and running with success. 

October is National Disability Awareness month, and we’re taking this opportunity to kick off our email campaign: Accessibility for All! Look forward to easy tips about creating accessible documents, hyperlinks and alt text. Laugh a little with video captioning blunders and learn the latest tools to avoid captioning blunders. 

Hold up… What is accessibility?

Briefly, it’s providing equal access to electronic and information technology… for everyone. Review the GGC Accessibility Awareness web page that includes GGC’s APM Accessibility policy and more.

Who does improved accessibility serve?

In a word, everyone (which is one of the upcoming topics), but especially our students with disabilities.

Pie chart of GGC Student Disability Groups, Fall 2014

Next topic...

Great tips for video captioning