A central tenet of Georgia Gwinnett College's mission involves the active engagement of students in the learning process. Below are some resources and guidelines that will help you contribute to this goal. We also encourage you to reach out to your faculty mentor for valuable advice.

Before Classes Begin

  • Get logged onto the Banner system. It will give you access to your class rolls.
  • Get logged onto MyCourses. It will give you access to class pictures and other useful orientation information.
  • You will receive access to Banner and MyCourses during your New Faculty Orientation. For details, talk to your faculty mentor or view the schedules for full-time and part-time faculty orientation sessions. 
  • Ask your faculty mentor about filling out a faculty profile form, so we can include you in our online directory.

During the First Month

  • Get logged onto your GGC email account.
  • Learn the names of your students.
  • Review the GGC Faculty Manual and the Administrative Policy Manual, both of which are accessible through MyGGC.

During the First Semester

  • Talk to your faculty mentor about gaining access to the Mentoring Manual, a comprehensive guide to advising your mentees.
  • Learn more the GGC Student Success Program and its guidelines.