Affordable Learning Georgia Textbook Transformation Grant

NEXT DEADLINE: January 14, 2019

Since 2015, the University System of Georgia has been offering an exciting grant competition that focuses on reducing the costs of textbooks and the enhancement of GALILEO, Georgia’s Virtual Library. The Affordable Learning Georgia grants are designed to transform class textbooks to free or no-cost learning materials for students. More recently, the grant offered three levels of awards: (1) Standard Transformation ($10,800 grant, $5,000 maximum pay per team member); (2) Large-Scale Transformation ($30,000 grant; $5,000 maximum pay per team member); and (3) Mini-grants ($4,800 grant; $2,000 maximum pay per team member).

We invite you to visit Textbook Transformation Grants – About / Affordable Learning Georgia on a regular basis to see their grant offerings.

ORSP is here to assist you in your proposal and budget development. For more information, please email Cathy Hakes.

National Science Foundation Funding Opportunities

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