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Will you need catering?
If YES, Grizzly Catering has first right of refusal for catering. Contact Shirley Ogilvie at 678-.407.5703 or
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Space Preferences
– Tiered Classrooms
Tiered Classrooms
+ Regular Classrooms
+ Capacity (1-20)
Computer Classrooms - Capacity (1-20)
+ Capacity (21-33)
Computer Classrooms - Capacity (21-33)
+ Capacity (34-40)
Computer Classrooms - Capacity (34-40)
+ Computer Classrooms
+ Building A
Computer Classrooms - Building A
+ Building B
Computer Classrooms - Building B
+ Building C
Computer Classroom - Building C
+ Intramural Spaces
Intramural Spaces
+ Fitness Center
Fitness Center
+ Student Center
Student Center
Please view the detailed Student Center Facility Information for capacities and available setup types.
+ Other Outdoor Spaces
Other Outdoor Space
+ Other Indoor Spaces
Other Indoor Spaces
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Is reserved parking required?
**Permission from your area Vice President must be obtained in writing and forwarded to the GGC Public Safety Office, or parking spaces will not be assigned.
GGC reserves the right to change facility assignments or cancel any previous scheduled event, if such change or cancelation is made to meet the needs of the College.