The Greenlight Activities Board (GAB) plans, advertises and staffs campus events for students, including comedians, movies, concerts, lectures, special events, or anything else students come up with!

GGC Students: We want you!

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This is a student organization run by students, for students. Greenlight Activities Board is made up of five committees and an Executive Board that plan entertainment and educational events for the GGC student body.

Greenlight is currently looking for members and making plans for events for the Fall. Students who participate in Greenlight will gain leadership skills, event planning experience, plus marketing, advertising and communication skills. Meet new GGC students and contribute to the GGC community.

Ready to get involved?
 Just complete the Greenlight Application (log-in required). Feel free to contact us with any questions at

Committee Descriptions

Culture and Arts Committee

The Culture and Arts committee provides diverse, contemporary perspective and experiences to students. This responsibility includes hosting open mic nights, cultural showcases, dance performances and many different visual art opportunities. This committee will also work with the surrounding community to provide information about cultural and art events off campus that are free or discounted for GGC students.

Entertainment Committee

The Entertainment committee is responsible for programming events centered on live entertainment such as music, lectures and comedy. This committee maintains a monthly comedy event series and karaoke event series. The committee will additionally program other events including: concerts, student comedian showcases, magicians and special topic forums.

Films Committee

The films committee is responsible for programming events centered on theatrical entertainment. This responsibility includes the selection and promotion of films, maintaining a film series in the Student Center and hosting other events such as film and/or TV trivia nights. The films selected range from classics, independent features, documentaries, international movies, and of course, latest box-office hits!

Grizzly Nights Committee

The Grizzly Nights Committee is responsible for the coordination of the monthly late night program held on Friday night between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. This committee provides Friday nights filled with fun entertainment, free food and novelty activities on campus. The committee will program movie screenings, concerts, game nights, midnight breakfast and much more.

Special Events & Traditions Committee

The Special Events and Traditions committee is responsible for the coordination of daytime programs, festivals and unique activities and establishing traditions on campus. This committee programs events such as spirit week, Speed Meeting and lunch time novelties.