May I come early?

To help us ensure a hassle free move-in, our office will strictly enforce an assigned check-in schedule.

Where do I get my key?

Each resident will need to report to the Housing Office to receive a room key and check-in packet.

Is there an elevator in Student Housing?

Yes, there are three elevators located in Building 1000, one in Building 2000 and one in Building 3000.

May I move some things into my room before check-in?

No, you will only be allowed to move in items into room on your assigned move-in day.

May I ship things to campus before I am scheduled to arrive?

No, we will not be allowing students to ship items to campus prior to their arrival.

How should I hang posters on the wall?

The bookstore sells the appropriate item for sticking posters on walls without removing the paint once you remove your poster.

May I loft my bed?

No, if you are interested in having your bed lofted you will need to rent the loft kit from GGC Housing. You will not be allowed to loft your own bed.

May I remove furniture from the bedroom and replace it with my own?

No, you may not remove furniture from your room or any area within housing.

How much does laundry cost?

$1.25 per wash and $1.25 per dry

Is there storage available in Student Housing?

Each bedroom will include a closet for you to store your items.

How can I handle potential conflict with my roommate(s)?

The key to a successful roommate relationship is to be considerate, learn to compromise and pledge to have open and honest communication. Your RA is there to help. If you and your roommates need help resolving an issue, contact your RA.

What if my financial aid doesn’t come through in time to pay by the deadline?

Make an effort to explore other alternatives to have your housing installment paid. Explore the option of using Nelnet. If you need more information on this program please contact Student Accounts.

What is my mailbox number?

Your personal mailbox will be located in the Student Housing Courtyard. Personal mailbox combinations will be provided by Mail Services.

Your GGC mailing address will be as follows:

Attn: Jane Doe
Box 1
Georgia Gwinnett College
1000 University Center Lane
Lawrenceville, GA 30043

When do classes begin?

Check the academic calendar regularly for information regarding deadlines for tuition, financial aid, exam dates and when classes begin.

May I have a pet in Student Housing?

No, pets, including fish, will not be allowed in Student Housing.

Where can I store my bike?

There will be bike racks around housing for bike storage.

May I check in late?

You must contact Residence Life to inquire about any accommodations.