Fines for Campus and Housing Regulation Violations

Abandoned trash, per bag$30
Disconnected/covered smoke detector$100
Early arrival$200
Entering/exiting through a window$125
Failure to evacuate$150
Failure to follow emergency procedures$150
False fire alarm$250
Improper check-out$25
Improper room change$25
Late departure$125
Lock charge$180
Lock out$50
Miscellaneous housing damages$50 minimum: rate varies, depending on damage
Removal of furniture$120
Removal of window screen or stopper$100
Unauthorized visitation$150

*Repeat Violator

(Repeat violations accrued by academic calendar year, August – July.)

  • 3rd violation – base fine plus $15
  • 4th violation – base fine plus $25
  • 5th violation – base fine plus $40
  • 6th violation – base fine plus $50