Move-in day celebrates your arrival, and members from the entire community turn out to help. Are you ready to pick up your keys?

Move-in day celebration with resident assistant helping move in items via a rolling cart

Room Assignments

Room assignments are first-come first-served depending on the date of your completed application, so apply early. All freshmen will be assigned to a room based on preferences, major and availability once a clean background check is received. Upperclassmen will have an opportunity to select their room once a clean background check is received. Room size, particular room/suitemate(s) or availability is not guaranteed.

Check-in and Moving Day

Move-in day brings you and approximately a thousand of your soon-to-be friends to campus. Together with your help, we'll coordinate the chaos to create a hassle-free move-in experience.

  • Assigned check-in schedules are strictly enforced.
  • Moving in early or shipping items to campus prior to arrival are not allowed.
  • Report to the Housing office to receive your room key and check-in packet.
  • Contact Student Housing if late arrival accommodations are needed.
  • Elevators are available in all buildings: three in Building 1000 and one each in Buildings 2000 and 3000.
  • Pets, including fish, are not allowed in Student Housing.

Decorating and Storage

  • The Bookstore sells the appropriate item for sticking posters on walls without removing the paint once you remove your poster.
  • Loft kits are available to rent from Student Housing. You are not allowed to loft your own bed. Individual room and suite furniture may not be removed. Review Benefits and Amenities for a full list of furnishings.
  • Each bedroom includes a closet to store your items, and bike racks are available throughout Housing (and campus). Separate storage is not available.
  • Note: Damage to walls (including small holes), furniture, fixtures or equipment will require a monetary charge for restoration.

Off-to-College Checklists

Prepare your Grizzly move with the off-to-college checklists (PDF) of suggested items to bring and items not allowed.