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2016-2017 Student Handbook

Download the entire Student Handbook 2016-2017 (PDF) or go to specific areas in the Handbook from the table of contents below.

Table of Contents


Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) Information

3.1 General Policy

Welcome from the President

Celebrating GGC Significant Firsts

Georgia Gwinnett College Vision, Mission and Operating Principles

History of Georgia Gwinnett College

Emergency Operations Plan

8.2.87 Mandatory Participation in Alert Notification System

Campus Closings Due to Inclement Weather

General Information

Important Phone Numbers

Hours of Operation

2.7 Organization Structure and Changes Student Rights and Responsibilities

4.6.1 Withdrawal of Recognition of Student Organizations

4.6.2 Violations of State or Federal Law

4.6.3 Disruptive Behavior

4.6.4 Alcohol and Drugs on Campus Academic Integrity Policy for Academic Dishonesty Matters

4.6.5 Student Code of Conduct

4.1.7 Sexual Misconduct Policy

Parental Notification

Additional Student Policies Student Complaints

Student Behavioral Concerns Team Policy

4.6.9 Administrative Actions Based on Health, Safety and Welfare of the College Community

4.7 Appeals

4.7.1 Grade, Housing, Parking, Disability Services and ADA, Residency, Student Account, and Tuition Appeal

4.7.2 Appeals on Other Matters

4.8 Immunizations

4.8.1 Immunizations against Disease during an Outbreak/Epidemic

4.8.2 Immunization Requirements for Students

4.50 Student Field Trip and Off Campus Event Policy

8.2.20 Georgia Gwinnett College Ethics Policy Introduction Applicability Statement of Core Values Purpose of the Code of Conduct Code of Conduct Interpretation and Sources

Conflict Of Interest Policy

8.2.88 Workplace Violence on Campus

8.2.89 Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus “Breathe Easy” Policy

8.2.98 Drug-Free Workplace Policy

4.1.2 GGC Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policies and Complaint Procedures

3.4 Calendar of Academic Activities

3.4.3 Religious Holiday Schedule

4.2.4 Good Standing

Vehicle Registration and Parking

Student Insurance

Immunizations Policy

Immunization Requirements for Students

Immunizations Policy

Immunization during an Outbreak/Epidemic

4.1.3 Student Voting Privileges

Office Hours

Course Evaluations Annual Awards Policies and Procedures

3.9 Academic Advisement and Mentoring

Programs and Services for Students

Career Development and Advising Center

Counseling and Psychological Services

4.1.5 Students with Disabilities Disability Services Emotional Support Animals Recreation, Intramural Sports and Club Sports

Student Involvement and the Student Center

Testing Services for Students

Wellness and Recreation Center

Student Clubs/Organizations

4.5 Athletics Intercollegiate Athletics Recreation, Intramural Sports and Club Sports

4.1.4 Fraternities and Sororities

4.1.9 GGC Freedom of Expression Policy

7.3.2 Student Fees and Special Charges Mandatory Student Fees Georgia Gwinnett College Structured Volunteer Policy

8.2.53 Copyright and Fair Use Policy Procedures for Handling Copyright Infringement Complaints

9.12.8 Reckless Skateboard and Bicycle Use

9.12.65 Georgia Gwinnett College Campus Security Compliance Act Policy

9.50 Georgia Gwinnett College Posting Policy

9.51 Georgia Gwinnett College Library Facility Use Policy

9.53 Parking Regulations

10.9 Student Records Management and Security Policy

10.9.1 Scope

10.9.2 Records Management Policies Protecting the Right to Privacy Restricting Access to Records Releasing Information Only In Accordance With Strict Guidelines Providing Students and their Parents with Information Concerning Students’ Rights for the Protection of their Confidential Records Student Electronic Records Storage and Recovery Training of New Employees (Faculty, Staff and Student Workers) as well as Current Employees Annual Review of Procedures as well as Immediate Review of Procedures any time a Breach of Procedures is Identified Records Retention and Disposition Release of Records Correction of Records

10.9.3 Student Records Procedures Procedures Related to Privacy Procedures Related to Restricting Access to Records Procedures Related to Releasing Information Procedures Related to Informing Students and Parents of Students’ Rights for the Protection of their Confidential Records Procedures Related to Electronic Records Storage and Recovery Procedures Related to Training Procedures Relates to Review of Procedures Procedures Related to Records Retention and Disposition Procedures Related to Release of Records Procedures Related to Correction of Records

10.50 Media Relations Policy

10.50.1 GGC Brand Policy Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

11.90 Georgia Gwinnett College Computer Use Policy

12.91 Elected/Appointed Officials on Campus

Adoption and Amendments to Policies, Procedures, and the Student Handbook