The Grizzly Opportunities for Leadership Development (GOLD) Certificate Program promotes leadership development and prepares you as a future leader.

Program Requirements

  • Attendance/participation in at least four required workshops/experiences applicable to their personal growth and development
  • Attendance/participation in two optional workshops/experiences
  • Submission of reflective journal after completing eight workshops/experiences that include written reflections after each activity and/or experience 

Required Workshops/Experiences (minimum of four)

  • Grizzly LEAD Conference: Attend the annual, off-campus event designed to help individuals develop leadership skills and abilities.
  • GOLD Session: Participate in leadership development from a series of sessions covering a broad range of topics.
  • Diversity Training: Complete a diversity training session (i.e., Safe Space Training) sponsored by Student Involvement or Diversity and Equity Compliance to enhance cultural competency. 
  • Service Learning Institute: Participate in the one-day institute focusing on volunteerism, social issues and benefits of service. 
  • Presentations: Present at a local, state or national conference, workshop, etc. 

Elective Workshops/Experiences (minimum of two)

  • Join a Registered Student Organization (RSO) or accept a leadership position within a student group.
  • Volunteer at least five hours (hours must be verified by Student Involvement).
  • Attend a Career Development and Advising Center (CDAC) Etiquette Dinner (verification signature required from CDAC).
  • Get resume reviewed by Career Development and Advising Center (verification signature required from CDAC).


Participation in the GOLD Certificate Program will be tracked using the “Paths” module within The module not only provides program administrators with the tools to manage the curricula of the certificates, but it also provides students the ability to track their progress toward the certificate as they meet the various requirements.


Participation in the GOLD Certificate Program will be denoted on the students’ involvement report (co-curricular transcript). Students who meet all requirements of the certificate are encouraged to pursue subsequent, more progressive certificate tracks and are recognized at a public program where they receive their certificate.

For more information or questions, contact Rontai Walker, associate director of Student Involvement and the Student Center,