Munch Money gives parents and students the option to add money to their existing food plan to be used for food purchased at any GGC dining facility on campus or to bring guests to the Student Center Dining Hall. Munch Money purchases are considered part of the student’s food plan and therefore are not subject to sales tax. Munch Money expires at the end of the summer.

Commuter students with less than 30 credit hours are required to purchase a meal plan. Commuter students with 30 or more credits may still choose to purchase meal plans in the Student Accounts office to take advantage of discounted meal plan pricing.

Students may only request a change in their meal plan selection within the first two days of the new semester. However, you may add additional funds to your Cave Cash at any time. To see the funds you have on your Claw Card, please log on to MyGGC and click on the "Claw Card" tab at the top of the screen.

Resident Meal Plans

All resident students are required to participate in a meal plan.

**Represents a default plan.


# of meals per week in the Dining Hall

Munch Money (DCB) per semester*


Full Semester Resident Plus Munch Money**Unlimited – 7 day$100$825
Single Session (A or B) Resident Summer Plan Plus Munch Money**Unlimited – 7 day$50$412.50

Fall/Spring meal plans are also available.

Commuter Meal Plans

All commuter students with 30 or less earned credits are required to purchase a commuter meal plan for the summer semester.

Transient students with 31 or more earned credits at their home institution and are enrolled at Georgia Gwinnett College may be granted a meal plan change upon proof of earned credit hours at their home institution for the semester enrolled at GGC. Submit a Meal Plan Change Form (PDF) and email an unofficial transcript to the Registrar's office within the first two days of classes to be considered.

Post-baccalaureate students are exempt from meal plans for summer sessions.

**Represents a default plan.


# of meals per semester in the Dining Hall

Munch Money (DCB) per semester*

Upgrade Commuter Block 2020$100$250

Full-time Commuter Summer Plan**

(students taking seven or more credit hours)

N/A with this plan; can purchase at door

$230 Munch Money


Part-time Commuter Summer Plan**

(students taking six or fewer credit hours)

N/A with this plan; can purchase at door

$115 Munch Money


*Munch Money can be used to purchase food at any of Grizzly Dining's retail dining locations.

Fall/Spring meal plans are also available.