Embrace wellness. We’re here to help with Wellness Programming, resources and information to inspire you to be the best you can be. 

How are your health habits?

Take the holistic lifestyle questionnaire designed just for GGC. To take the assessment, you need to log in to MyGGC first. After you are signed in, click on "Students" and then click on the "Student Life" tab. You will see "Wellness Survey" on the left.

You'll get instant feedback and recommendations based on your health history and lifestyle. This valuable tool will inform your personal decisions for habits and choices that affect your health.


Eating healthfully and learning about good nutrition can be challenging. Use the interactive tools below to easily calculate nutrition information. Explore options that fit your lifestyle as you learn to manage your food choices.

  • Nutrition Calculator – Choose a food category and then select a menu item. Watch the Nutrition Label update instantly as you click on each menu item.
  • BMI Calculator – Plug in your height and weight to immediately find out about your body mass index score.
  • Meet the Dietitian – Ask your own question or read through the Q&A to find out answers to common questions.
  • Recipes – Look through a variety of delicious recipes that you can prepare at home.

More resources

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