Ho Jin Kim

Dr. Ho Jin Kim

Assistant Professor of Psychology

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Jin Kim is an assistant professor of psychology. In 2013, he earned a Ph.D. in developmental psychology from University of California, Los Angeles, and he joined Georgia Gwinnett College in 2016. Over the years, Kim has taught several courses in psychology as well as in early childhood education, such as developmental psychology, child development, infant development, research methods, introduction to statistics, introduction to psychology, etc.

Kim's research interest is focused on the social and perceptual development during infancy, particularly on the development of face perception (e.g., emotion, gender, race perception) during the first year of life. He is also interested in infant intermodal perception, specifically the role human face plays on infant perception of speech.


  • Doctorate – developmental psychology – UCLA
  • Bachelor's – psychology – Virginia Tech

Academic Interests

  • Infant perceptual and social development
  • Development of face perception
  • Child development
  • Statistics for the behavioral sciences


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