Joshua Morris

Dr. Joshua D. Morris

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Dr. Joshua D. Morris began his study of chemistry as an undergraduate at Berry College. He then attended the University of Texas at Austin where he studied physical chemistry. His research focused on the implementation of advanced microscopy techniques to study emerging materials for photovoltaic cells. He then went on to study protein mediated synthesis of conductive polymers as a postdoctoral fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Courses taught by Morris use a "flipped" approach. Students watch mini-lectures on YouTube and then work problems in class with continual feedback. Morris' YouTube videos can be found here. 

Morris is currently recruiting students for two research projects. The first project studies conductive polymer synthesis with biological oxidants. The second project investigates materials for efficiently splitting water in collaboration with the National Science Foundation's Solar Army. Interested students should contact Morris by email.


  • Doctorate – physical chemistry – The University of Texas at Austin
  • Bachelor’s – chemistry – Berry College

Academic Interests

  • Photocatalytic splitting of water
  • Conductive polymer synthesis
  • Organic semiconductors


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*indicates GGC undergraduate co-authors


  • eHero eCore Faculty Award, 2019
  • Nominated for the GGC Teaching Award, 2018
  • Nominated for the GGC Scholarship Award, 2017
  • PW Pirkle Chemistry Scholar, 2009