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Dr. Pervell Dunbar

Part-time Faculty, Clinical

School of Health Sciences
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Pervell Dunbar, a native from Jamaica, has spent many years clinically and administratively in her professional career. Currently she is an adjunct professor at University of North Georgia school of Nursing and Georgia Gwinnett College. She graduated from Walden University 2015, with a doctorate in nursing practice.

Dunbar's Teaching Philosophy

As an educator, it is my belief that nursing is a science which has a unique body of knowledge that utilize principles from other sciences such as psychological, physiological, and cultural, but the central concern of nursing is the holistic person. The focus of this profession is to promote health, to maintain health, curative, and to restore and support irrespective of age.

I am aware that each person is a dynamic, complex and unique human being that has worth and intrinsic dignity, and that each individual is responsible for his/her actions that comes from choices that they make based on their values and beliefs. I believe that it is my duty as an educator to be an effective instructor, realizing that the adult learners have special needs and requirements and each individual has their individual life experiences, values and goals. It is by knowing these facts that I am able to reach out to each individual with respect offering a caring relationship, recognizing that this is critical and important to aid with successful coping with the stressors of school work while caring for their families.

As an educator, I know I do have a contract with the students to ensure that I do deliver the instructions and information that will guide them to successfully complete their coursework. The teaching/learning process really is the responsibility of both faculty and student, and it is through mutual sharing, learning and growth occurs in an atmosphere created with respect and collegiality. I do believe in offering “a pat on the back” whenever it is due and giving feedback on an ongoing basis. 

Dunbar's Nursing Philosophy

As human beings, we all have needs. At times, all that we need to heal is just a touch of caring. Philosophies I think are quite personal and influenced by the different areas of our development. In order for nursing to be, there has to be a nurse, a patient, an environment, and a state of health. To be a nurse there has to be certain components, as seen through caring. (Florence Nightingale; 1969) alluded that nursing must be an influence on the continuum of health, from health to death.

Personally, nursing is my way of giving back to society. I enjoy helping others. Giving of myself gives me peace of mind and spirit. This is a much different view than when I started my diploma program. Then, it was all about obtaining new learning skills and gaining the ability to provide medical care to patients. Since then, I have discovered that there is more to healing than medicine. The ability to truly show patients and their loved ones that you care, involves interacting with them on a spiritual level. This provides a therapeutic base that promotes trust which leads to aiding the healing process. Without this environment, complete healing is inhibited. This truly is my philosophy and the way that I practice nursing.


  • Doctorate – nursing – Walden University
  • Master's – business administration – University of Phoenix
  • Master's – nursing education – Florida Atlantic University
  • Bachelor's – nursing administration – Barry University

Academic Interests

  • Educating senior populations
  • Mentoring
  • Education
  • Nursing conferences

Professional Affiliations

  • Sigma Theta Tau XIOTA Xi
  • Philanthropic Education Organization (PEO)
  • American Association of Critical Care Nursing
  • American Heart Association 
  • GMC Faith Community Nursing
  • Georgia Nurses Association (GNA)