Thomas Gluick

Dr. Thomas Gluick

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

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Since sixth grade, Dr. Thomas Gluick expressed an interest in becoming a chemist. He excelled in high school and then floundered a bit at Princeton University. At Princeton, his interests turned to applying chemistry towards developing renewable fuels. He wrote a senior thesis on the pyrolysis of levoglucosan.

After a short stint in the real world, he matriculated at the University of Montana in the Chemistry Department. He discovered mountains were really big and cold weather is fun. When he was spending his time at the poker table, Gluick modified DNA probes to study ribosomal structure via fluorescent energy transfer. He continued his studies at Uppsala University as a postdoctoral researcher. He returned to the States and has a very productive relationship with Dr. David Draper at Johns Hopkins University starting as a post doctoral fellow and leaving as research scientist.

He earned his first assistant professor position at University of Texas at Arlington. He left UTA for personal reasons and worked for both the Smithsonian Institution and NIH. Gluick found himself in Georgia during the Great Recession as he briefly worked for Army Forensics Division. He and the Army did not get along, so that was that.

Fortunately, Gluick entered the hallow hallways of GGC. He has great colleagues and is enjoying himself, but working too hard. It is possible, he still thinks he is twenty years old.


  • Doctorate – chemistry – University of Montana
  • Bachelor's – chemistry – Princeton University

Academic Interests

Gluick is definitely interested in academics and has been throughout his life; even when he tried to escape, academics pulled him back in.

Specifically, his interests to date include the following:

  • Developing freshman and upper division laboratories
  • Instructing students to conduct research
  • Developing better biochemistry learning materials