GGC celebrates National Chemistry Week

Science never tasted so sweet.

Science never tasted so sweet.

About 1000 students, staff and faculty were treated to some flash-frozen vanilla ice cream on October 20, when Georgia Gwinnett College celebrated National Chemistry Week. The ice cream was created in an outdoor display from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. by chemistry students and their faculty mentors who used super cold liquid nitrogen to freeze the ingredients in five minutes. At minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit, the liquid nitrogen generated considerable vapors - and excitement.

In addition to the ice cream-making, the College's celebration of National Chemistry Week also included presentations of student research projects in chemistry, and faculty demonstrations of what happens when one uses nitrogen to freeze other items. Nitrogen comprises about 70 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere. National Chemistry Week is sponsored by the American Chemistry Society, the world’s largest scientific society. This year's theme is "Behind the Scenes with Chemistry."

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