GGC student awarded Chick-fil-A Leadership Scholarship

David McAlexander

David McAlexander 

Georgia Gwinnett College sophomore David McAlexander has received a $1,000 Chick-fil-A Leadership Scholarship.

The award, created in 1973 by Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy, is designed to encourage the company’s employees to further their education and recognizes those who excel in the areas of academics, community service and leadership. The program will award $1.7 million in scholarships this year.

“It's great not having to worry about the expense of books and the other costly supplies for next semester,” said McAlexander, a Chick-fil-A employee since 2010.  “It’s taught me that hard work pays off, and I’m grateful for the reflective recommendations I received from GGC professors and Chick-fil-A co-workers.”

McAlexander, a business major, graduated from Peachtree Ridge High School and decided to study at Georgia Gwinnett because of its convenient location in Lawrenceville and its flexible schedule, which allowed him to keep his job as a point-of-sale operator. He also noted that affordability was a key factor in selecting the college, along with the fact that many of his friends would also attend GGC.

“While at work, I usually run around the store doing any job imaginable,” McAlexander said. “I work anywhere from the drive-thru window to the kitchen, and even travel to schools, churches and corporate events as the Chick-fil-A cow mascot.”

“It’s impressive that Chick-fil-A supports its employees with scholarships to motivate them toward higher education,” said Richard Rawls, associate professor of history and author of a letter of recommendation for McAlexander. “David has demonstrated leadership and a commitment to excellence at work and at school, making him quite deserving of this honor.”

McAlexander is on the GGC President’s List and was offered membership in the Golden Key honor society as a freshman. He plans to graduate in 2016 and launch a business in weapon systems and electronics.

“I look forward to using the skills learned at Chick-fil-A and GGC to lead and inspire others while growing a successful company,” he said. “I enjoy working with others, learning and innovating technology to new limits.” McAlexander aspires to travel globally after establishing his career.

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