GGC and Gwinnett Technical College host joint Hospital Simulation Day

Real-world scenarios help students put classroom learning into practice.

The following is adapted from a news release issued by Gwinnett Technical College in partnership with GGC 
More than 140 health science students from Georgia Gwinnett College and Gwinnett Technical College came together to experience a hospital simulation day that gave them unprecedented, hands-on experience responding to real-world scenarios that take place in hospitals every day. Held April 13, it was the first such large-scale simulation for health science students in Gwinnett.

Nursing students with instructor

GGC nursing students practice during Hospital Simulation Day.

“This was an exceptional learning experience for all involved,” said Dr. Sharon Grason, director of nursing at GGC. “This gave our students a rare opportunity to work with other students they don’t study with every day and to collaborate across interdisciplinary teams. As many of these students prepare to take their state boards, it was the capstone scenario to test their training. As they finish out their degrees and prepare to launch their careers, our students will be much better prepared for the real world by having walked through this exercise.”
“Throughout their studies, each of these students has experienced classroom, lab, clinical and simulation exercises specific to their degree programs, but this is the first time we have pushed them to fit their individual training in to a full scale hospital-wide scenario,” said Steve Moyers, Gwinnett Tech’s dean of Health Sciences.
The goal of the event was to simulate a day in the life of a real hospital. Students had to respond in real time to unknown patients who came through the door with various needs and conditions. Students followed hospital procedures related to admissions, health information management, patient care and more.
“We really challenged students today on every level. Students responded to trauma and medical situations, completed diagnostic imaging, performed intubation and airway management, prepared patients for and conducted surgery, and even supported families through their time of need following the death of a loved one,” Moyers said.
The unique simulation took place in various locations across Gwinnett Tech’s Lawrenceville campus which included patient experiences, outpatient care, and emergency medical services. “Patients” throughout the day were a blend of high-tech mannequins and live actor volunteers simulating various health problems. Not unlike real life, there was even a special needs dog involved. Medical conditions evaluated and treated by students included pregnancy miscarriage, chest pain, carbon monoxide poisoning, low blood sugar, labor and delivery, gallbladder attack, drug overdose, kidney stone and mental illness. Trauma situations included a motorcycle accident, an ATV accident, an arm caught in machine, a pedestrian struck by a car and a gunshot wound.
The emergency department was staffed with two emergency physicians, the EMS program medical director, and an emergency medicine physician from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine’s Gwinnett Campus. Surgeons from Gwinnett Medical Center were on site to provide trauma service and surgical care. As an added bonus, Gwinnett Tech Chaplain, Dr. Robert Powers, was on hand to serve as hospital chaplain.
This Hospital Simulation Day has been months in the making with great collaboration taking place between GGC and Gwinnett Technical College. Health care partners supporting both institutions were consulted to make the scenarios as real as possible. To maximize the experience for students, the simulation was designed with defined lessons and outcomes. Program areas included were emergency services, cardiovascular technology, echocardiography technology, health information technology, medical and health care assisting, registered nursing, radiologic technology, respiratory care, diagnostic medical sonography and surgical technology.
Junior- and senior-level students played both patient care and supportive roles for this comprehensive simulation experience.
It is the hope of both institutions that Hospital Simulation Day will become an annual event to continue enhancing the learning of all health sciences students in Gwinnett’s colleges of higher learning. Working collaboratively across institutional lines will help ensure Gwinnett students are as prepared as possible for real-world jobs.

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