GGC fall enrollment continues to increase year after year

Since opening its doors in 2006, Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) has experienced an enrollment increase every fall semester. Official data recently released by the University System of Georgia (USG) lists GGC’s fall 2017 enrollment at an impressive 12,287. This total reflects an increase of 1.9 percent over last year, affirming GGC as the eighth largest of the 28 institutions within the USG.      

“Georgia Gwinnett has become the ‘college of choice’ for local residents as nearly 73 percent of students reside in Gwinnett County,” said Gregory Embry, executive director of Admissions. “Everything we do ties back to the mission of GGC to meet the needs of this community and the northeast Atlanta metropolitan area. GGC students have access to support services and student success advisors to help them meet their graduation goals. In addition, all freshman now have access to learning communities to help them kick-start their college career.”

A total of 536 high school students are participating in Dual Enrollment, which provides eligible students with the opportunity to earn college credit while satisfying their high school graduation requirements. Georgia Gwinnett also has become an important resource for 1,697 nontraditional students who are balancing work and personal lives while completing their degree.

The demographic breakdown tells the story of the population served by GGC.  Of note, two ethnic groups have increased dramatically in their representation since 2010. The Hispanic/Latino student population has increased by nine percent, and the black/African American population has increased by eight percent. Together, these groups make up more than half of the college’s student body. 

As recognized by U.S. News & World Report for the past four years, GGC is the most ethnically diverse Southern regional college among ranked institutions. 

The USG Semester Enrollment Report for fall 2017 includes the following self-declared student race/ethnicity data for Georgia Gwinnett College.* 

Black/African American – 4,002 or 33 percent
White – 3,893 or 32 percent
Hispanic/Latino – 2,458 or 20 percent
Asian – 1,368 or 11 percent
Two or more races – 424 or 3 percent
Unknown/undeclared – 106 or 1 percent
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander – 21 or less than 1 percent
American Indian or Alaska Native – 15 or less than 1 percent

*Statistics include rounded data

Access the full USG enrollment report and a related news release.

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