#SleevesUpGGC: GGC teams up with American Red Cross to host annual blood drive 

Katherine Garcesa donating blood

Katherine Garcesa

By Matthew Rodriguez

While the COVID-19 pandemic has altered many things in our society, one thing that hasn’t changed, according to the American Red Cross, is the need for blood donations.

Toward that end, Georgia Gwinnett College is partnering with the American Red Cross to solicit blood donations through its #SleevesUp campaign, which uses an online site to attract blood donation pledges. 

GGC’s campaign, called #SleevesUpGGC, uses a dedicated page where donors can access information about eligibility and locate their nearest donation site. After setting up their donation appointment through the website, participants can upload a picture to their social media profiles tagged with #SleevesUpGGC so they may be featured on GGC’s various platforms and webpages. 

GGC’s Assistant Director of Wellness Programming Katie Buell-Corbridge said the college’s goal is 150 pledges. She encouraged spreading awareness for the drive, noting that just one donation can save three lives.

“It’s important to know that even if you cannot donate blood you can still have an impact by encouraging others to donate or just sharing this blood drive on your social media pages,” she said.

Kace Garcesa has donated regularly since she was 16. Garcesa, who graduated this year with a bachelor’s in exercise science, looks at the bigger picture when it comes to blood donation. 

“I donate because I understand that blood donations are about more than just myself,” she said. “My one donation could help keep someone’s loved one alive or be vital in a treatment somewhere later down the road.”

Participants also can get a free COVID-19 antibody test during their appointment. 

Since 2012, GGC has partnered with either the American Red Cross or Life South to host an annual blood drive.

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