GGC president updates Gwinnett legislative delegation

Gwinnett County Legislators with GGC president

Georgia Gwinnett College welcomed members of the Gwinnett state legislative delegation at a luncheon on Wednesday to discuss the college’s status and future plans. 

Members of Gwinnett County’s legislative delegation took time from their busy election-season schedules yesterday to hear Georgia Gwinnett College President Stas Preczewski present a progress report on GGC’s growth and development over the last year. 
“GGC would not be here today were it not for the determined leadership and visionary resolve of the Gwinnett community, particularly its elected officials,” said Preczewski. “We welcome the opportunity to recognize the Gwinnett legislative delegation’s tradition of teamwork on behalf of the Gwinnett community, and celebrate the results of their efforts as they relate to the college.”
Now in its eighth academic year, GGC has grown to nearly 11,000 students. Its diverse student population comes from 42 states and 91 nations and of those, nearly 70 percent are from Gwinnett County.  Small classes coupled with strong faculty engagement and mentoring create a dynamic learning community where students experience high levels of success, no matter their level of academic preparation. These factors are key to GGC’s high retention rates and its ability to accelerate students’ development into future global leaders. 
The luncheon presentation included college milestones, achievements and performance measures, as well as a look to the future as the college prepares to continue its growth toward an enrollment of 13,000 students in about two years.
Luncheon attendees also had an opportunity to talk with a number of GGC student leaders and honor students about their educational experiences during the luncheon, held in the college’s Library and Learning Center. 
“Not only were these students given a rare opportunity to talk with their elected leaders, but these officials were able to spend time with the individuals whose lives are being transformed by this college,” said Preczewski. “It was an opportunity for the members of our legislative delegation to personally experience the direct results of their efforts in supporting higher education and specifically, Georgia Gwinnett College.”
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