Exercise science professors publish a lab manual on exercise physiology


Dr. Pamela Anderson, assistant professor of exercise science, and Dr. Lauren Tapp, associate professor of exercise science, recently published the lab manual, “Exercise Physiology: The Physiology of Exercise Testing, Volume 1,” which provides a comprehensive look at science-based testing.

Dr. Melchor de Guzman


Dr. Melchor de Guzman, professor of criminal justice and criminology, has been elected president of the Criminal Justice Association of Georgia.

Dr. Lyndsay Gratch


Dr. Lyndsay Gratch, assistant professor of film, recently published a book titled Adaptation Online: Creating Memes, Sweding Movies, and Other Digital Performances. The book explores how traditional notions of the processes and products of creative adaptation are evolving online. 

Dr. Aileen C. Dowell


Director of Student Integrity Dr. Aileen C. Dowell has been accepted as a Higher Education Resource Services 2017-2018 cohort participant in its Leadership Training Institute for Women. The mission of the nearly 40-year-old organization is to advance women leaders and advocate for gender equity.

Dr. Latanya Hammonds-Odie co-facilitates session during EMBER conference


Dr. Latanya Hammonds-Odie, associate professor of biology, served as a co-facilitator of a session on “Inclusion and Diversity: The Role of Professional Societies” during the inaugural Environments and Metrics in Biology Education and Research (EMBER) network conference. The EMBER network focuses on expanding an understanding of how to create inclusive, supportive and engaging environments to foster the success of diverse students.

Dr. Brett Young co-authors paper


Dr. Brett Young, assistant professor of management information systems, co-authored and presented a paper titled “Online Community Health Simulation” at the 19th Americas Conference on Information Systems in August 2017. 

Students receive scholarship from Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful


GGC students Candi Abbey and Tyler Heath were presented with scholarships from Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful during the 11th Annual Environmental on Oct. 11. The scholarships, named in honor of retired Gwinnett County Public School district chief operations officer Jim Steele, were awarded to the students for their educational commitment to environmental sustainability. A contingency of GGC students attended the event.

In 2006, Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful donated to GGC’s first annual scholarship, which was established in honor of Gov. Sonny Perdue for his commitment to education and his desire to have future leaders committed to environmental stewardship.  

GGC alumna authors book on funding a college education debt-free


Elease Dillard, ’16, biology, recently authored a paperback book on how to graduate from college free of debt. After graduating GGC with no student loans, Dillard founded a company whose mission it is share that insight with others.

In 2016, she was a semi-finalist recipient for the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for her work serving students and parents in this manner.

Drs. Livinus Uko and Ekaterina Nathanson


Dr. Livinus Uko, assistant dean and professor of mathematics, and Dr. Ekaterina Nathanson, assistant professor of mathematics, co-authored a paper titled “A New Semi-local Convergence Analysis of the Secant Method.” The authors’ analysis of the majorizing sequence can be used to obtain weaker convergence conditions than those used in earlier studies. 

TAP students place third in STARS Celebration poster contest


Students enrolled in the Technology Ambassadors Program (TAP) won third place during the 12th annual STARS Celebration conference poster contest held in Atlanta, Georgia on Sept. 23.

Sehrish Amanullah, management information systems major; Za Eng Mawi, accounting major; and Richard Williams, information technology major, used image editing and visual programming tools in conjunction with motion-sensing technology to develop a picture puzzle game used to conduct technology outreach to middle school, high school and college-level students.

The award-winning poster, supported by a demo, gave a brief description of the goals of the project, the application created, the outreach conducted and the feedback received from participants.

This is the fourth year that GGC students and faculty have attended the conference and won an award in at least one of the various categories.

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