Dr. Marni A. Brown publishes new book


Dr. Marni A. Brown, assistant professor of sociology, co-authored a book on theorizing gender in the 21st century. Chapters include discussions around globalizing gender issues, the sociology of gender perspectives and inequality within organizations.

TAP students place third in STARS Celebration poster contest


Students enrolled in the Technology Ambassadors Program (TAP) won third place during the 12th annual STARS Celebration conference poster contest held in Atlanta, Georgia on Sept. 23.

Sehrish Amanullah, management information systems major; Za Eng Mawi, accounting major; and Richard Williams, information technology major, used image editing and visual programming tools in conjunction with motion-sensing technology to develop a picture puzzle game used to conduct technology outreach to middle school, high school and college-level students.

The award-winning poster, supported by a demo, gave a brief description of the goals of the project, the application created, the outreach conducted and the feedback received from participants.

This is the fourth year that GGC students and faculty have attended the conference and won an award in at least one of the various categories.