GGC students place at undergraduate research competition


Two teams of GGC students placed second and third at the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges’ Nineteenth Annual Southeastern Small College Student Research Content last month.

Information technology majors Jeremiah Anderson, ’19, Dana Doghaimat, ’19, Carlos Maldonado, ’19, Timia Moses, ’18, and Nicholas Tyner, ’19, took second place for their research on "Molecules and Machine Learning: Image Classification for an AR-Enabled Classroom.”

Shazeed Mohammed, ’19, information technology received third place for his research on "Privacy and Security Issues as Obstacles to Product Delivery.”

Ms. Kathryn Greer


Ms. Kathryn Greer, systems and digital content librarian, has been selected to participate in the 2019 American Library Association's Emerging Leaders program, a competitive leadership development program for early career librarians.

Dr. Lior Burko publishes paper


Dr. Lior Burko, associate professor of physics, published a paper in the journal Physical Review with two colleagues from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The authors calculated the total deformations suffered by a spaceship that falls into a realistic black hole, and found that this deformation is bounded and attained its maximum well before arrival at the singularity. This paper leaves open the possibility of safe arrival.

Dr. Burko also traveled to Taipei, Taiwan during the month of October to present lectures on extreme and nearly-extreme black holes and the singularity inside back holes during a conference organized by eight international universities.  

IT students receive first and second place during recent conferences


IT students receive first and second place during recent conferences

Information technology students and Technology Ambassadors Program participants, Eric Jenkins, ’18 and Brandon Henry, ’19 presented posters on behalf of their teammates during the ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing and STARS Celebration conferences in September 2018.

Henry presented and accepted a first placed award on behalf of his teammates Reuben Massaquoi and Jordan Harrison for their poster titled “Driving Future STARS: Inspiring the next generation of software developers,” which featured a space-themed scrolling shooter game.

Jenkins represented team members Anjan Panchatcharam and Jessica Wheeler, presenting a poster titled “Spreading Interest in Information Technology through Video Games” featuring a Guitar Hero®-like music game that took second place at both conferences.

GGC information technology professors co-author a paper


Dr. Sonal Dekhane, associate professor of information technology, presented a paper titled "Technology-Focused Service Learning Course to Increase Confidence and Persistence in Computing" at the 32nd Annual CCSC: Southeastern Conference at Roanoke College earlier this month.

Her co-authors from Georgia Gwinnett College’s discipline of information technology are Dr. Rahaf Barakat, assistant professor of information technology, Dr. Cengiz Gunay, assistant professor of information technology, Dr. Nannette Napier, associate professor of management information systems and decision sciences and Dr. Xin Xu, associate professor of information technology. 

Dr. Umar M. Khokhar publishes article in international journal


Dr. Umar M. Khokhar, lecturer of information technology, recently published an article titled "Cryptanalysis of IoTs Mutual Authentication Protocol" in International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks.

In this article, the authors outlined their analysis after performing cryptanalysis of the recently proposed ultralightweight mutual authentication protocol, which lead to the discovery of pitfalls and vulnerabilities in the protocol design.

Dr. Umar M. Khokhar publishes article on KMAP+


Dr. Umar M. Khokhar, lecturer of information technology, recently published an article titled, "Efficient Hardware Implementation of KMAP+: An Ultralightweight Mutual Authentication Protocol" in the Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers.

In this article, the authors proposed an efficient hardware architecture and reported their experiences with field programmable gate array and application specific integrated circuit-based implementation of recently proposed ultralightweight mutual authentication protocol named pseudo Kasami code-based mutual authentication protocol. 

Matthew Camp, ’19, information technology


Matthew Camp, ’19, information technology, has been invited to present the findings of his research in the development of  artificial intelligence that would identify tumors in brain scans during MIT's Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Undergraduate Technology Conference this month.  

Camp, a team of students and an interdisciplinary group of GGC professors, created a mixed reality application for the Microsoft HoloLens that allows students to visualize and to manipulate molecules as 3D holograms in the real world. Unlike traditional ball-and-stick chemistry models, the 3D HoloLens application allows students to engage in hands-on learning in a multi-user shared experience.

Dr. Binh Tran receives award


Dr. Binh Tran, assistant professor of information technology, recently received GGC's 2018 Outstanding Teaching Award.

Information technology faculty members co-author article on the security and privacy of information


Dr. Mirza Murtaza, associate professor of information technology, and Dr. Binh Tran, assistant professor of information technology, co-authored an article "Online Security and Privacy Concerns: Issues and Recommendations", recently published in Volume 16, Issue 8 of the International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security.

Security and privacy of information have been widespread issues of concern over the last few decades that range from an individual’s identity theft to major data breaches involving hundreds of thousands of customers at a time. The authors performed a survey analysis of more than 125 individuals and conducted a phishing experiment to determine how many students respond to such emails. 

Evan Sheffield, ’19, biology


Evan Sheffield, ’19, biology, received the 2018 American Chemical Society Undergraduate Student Award in Environmental Chemistry for his biofuel research efforts.

Information technology professors co-author an article on Blockchain technology


Dr. Karen C. Benson, instructor of information technology, Dr. Lorraine Jonassen, instructor of information technology, and Dr. Binh Tran, assistant professor of information technology, co-authored an article titled "Pedagogy of Blockchain: Training College Students on the Basics of Blockchain", recently published in Volume 7, Issue 5 of the International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology.

The authors investigated Blockchain, a new emerging technology that is a paradigm shift from the centralized to decentralized standard, created to address concerns of privacy and security and attempt to re-establish trust on the internet. This paper evaluates the benefits of the technology and discusses ways to effectively introduce it to college students in a meaningful way.

Dr. Lior Burko accepted as member of LISA Consortium


Dr. Lior Burko, associate professor of physics, was recently accepted as a member of the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) Consortium. Membership will allow students to engage in research projects in support of the space borne mission to detect long wavelength gravitational waves from astrophysical systems such as colliding supermassive black holes. 

Burko, whose resent research has proved stability of extreme black holes, presented three oral talks during the spring meeting of the American Physical Society in Columbus, Ohio. His talks covered the topics of linearized stability of extreme black holes, privilege and broadening participation in physics, and Cauchy horizon singularity inside perturbed Kerr black holes revisited.

Dr. Rachel Nabulsi


Dr. Rachel Nabulsi, lecturer of religion, recently published her first book. Death and Burial in Iron Age Israel, Aram, and Phoenicia is a monograph that addresses the treatment of death in these cultures through an examination of evidence from archaeology, inscriptions, and texts.

Sloan Jones selected for Leadership Gwinnett


Sloan Jones, associate vice president of communications, has been selected for the Leadership Gwinnett class of 2019.

Gwinnett’s community leadership program equips, engages and educates existing and emerging leaders by giving them an understanding of civic and social issues including infrastructure, economics, education, health and human services, justice, and regional relations.

2018 Retiree Service Award Recipients


GGC awarded the following recipients the Retiree Service Award for their years of dedication to the University System of Georgia:

Edwin Beauchamp
Denise Daniels
Michael Furick
Nancy Grattan
Janice Odom
Martha Sosebee

Recognized in May 2018 for five years of service at GGC


The following individuals were honored during Georgia Gwinnett College's Service and Retirement Recognition Award Ceremony on May 14, 2018 for five years of service:

Cindy N. Achat-Mendes
Benjamin W. Akins
Chantelle L. Anfuso
Joshua P. Beall
Reanna L. Berry
Sara C. Bradbury
Brian M. Bramstedt
Marni A.. Brown
Christopher G. Brown
Katherine M. Buell
Melissa D. Caspary
Joye B. Cauthen
Donatien M. Cicura
Georgeta Stoian Connor
George W. Darden
Amy C. DeCou
Jason James Delaney
Sonia V. Edwards
Irina Escalante-Chernova
Neville Y. Forlemu
Jason M. Gordon
Sharon Anne Grason
Jennifer Wells Greene
Matthew L. Gunning
Boyko G. Gyurov
Victoria A. Hanson
Yvonne N. Hefner
Christina M. Hildebrand
Brigitte M. Hoarau
Chase Bennett Hodges
Patricia U. Huey
Jennifer L. Hurst-Kennedy
Adam T. Hutcheson
Kimberly Lawrence Jordan
Ashley S. Karamis
Andrew J. Kelly
Kenan Kurspahic
Jeong Dae Lee
Todd D. Lindley
Gillian M. Ljolje
Cherie L. Long
Weidong Mao
Brett A. Martin
Jessica A. Martinez
Virginia D. Mundie
Lijun Pang
Stanley O. Perrine
Susan T. Quinn
Rodman S. Reilly
Janette Roszell
Tracey K. Schaller
Laura C. Self
Mandi Melaine Sena
David E. Sepulveda
Rabia Shahbaz
Rashad N. Simmons
Frank Joseph Smith
Dena-Kay Tracey Ann Spence
Andrew V. Stephenson
Kimberly K. Swartzentruber
Jennell M. Talley
Timothy A. Tolbert
Lorrie A. Warner
Diane Eleanor White
Brett W. Young

Recognized in May 2018 for 10 years of service at GGC


The following individuals were honored during Georgia Gwinnett College's Service and Retirement Recognition Award Ceremony on May 14, 2018 for 10 years of service:

Wendy Anderson
Jennifer Arrocena
Alvina J. Atkinson
Alessandra Lee Barrera
Terry Lee Barron
Patrice Bell
Susan Bleyle
Christopher P. Brookshire
Dovile Budryte
Alice Collins
Allison R. D'Costa
Sonal Shrikrishna Dekhane
Catherine Jannik Downey
Juliet D'Souza
Terry H. Echols
Dawn Gadar
Marcus Richard Gilley
Holly R.. Heitman
Jeffrey David Hildebrand
Hsi-Ling Huang
Hoang Minh Huynh
DeAnna M. Jackson
Mohamed I. Jamaloodeen
Kathija Jamaloodeen
Justin E. Jernigan
Kenneth W. Johnson
Cecil D. Johnson
Anatoly Kurkovsky
Patricia Ann Lee
Thomas H. Lilly
Wei Liu
Joanna Liu
Alan E. Marks
David Lawrence Mason
Robert D. Mason
Laura A. Maxwell
Helen L. McDaniel
Margaret Anne McGaughey
Barbara A. Miles
Jennifer H. Moon
Jason D. Mosser
Nannette Napier
James M. Nolan
Frederick Ogolla
Richard Lee Pennington
Kathleen Bell Pinson
David P. Pursell
Ellen G. Rafshoon
David R. Robinson
William Guermonprez Rogers
Carlos E. Ruiz Burgos
Clay Douglas Runck
Atul Saxena
Mark Andrew Schlueter
Terrance W. Schneider
Sandra C. Schneider
Dmitry Valerievich Shishkin
Stella A. Smith
Gerry Gordon Smith
Jennie L. Stearns
Dexter Ryan Still
Gabriel Theriot Jr
Jessica L. Thompson
Candace S. Timpte
Mai Yin Tsoi Thigpen
Antiwan D. Walker
Song Wang
Kristina Y. Watkins-Mormino
James Allen Weisel
Janet L. Whelan
Gregory Chad Wilkes
William W. Wragg
Xin Xu
Mei Zhang

Adrienne Harmer


Adrienne Harmer, instruction coordinator, was a spring 2018 GGC Top Claw Award recipient.

Helen McDaniel


Helen McDaniel, administrative assistant III, was a spring 2018 GGC Top Claw Award recipient.

Julie Geiger


Julie Geiger, administrative assistant II in Development, was a spring 2018 GGC Top Claw Award recipient.

Dr. Katharine Page


Dr. Katharine Page, assistant dean of clinical experiences and Outreach, and assistant professor of curriculum and instruction, was a spring 2018 GGC Top Claw Award recipient.

Danise Lindo


Danise Lindo, events manager, was a spring 2018 GGC Top Claw Award recipient.

Dr. Rebecca Davis


The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), the largest community of professional fundraisers in the world, has awarded its highest professional certification, the Advanced Certified Fundraising Executive (ACFRE), to Dr. Rebecca Davis, executive director of corporate and foundation relations.

Founded in 1960, AFP advances philanthropy through its more than 31,000 members in 235 chapters throughout the world. The ACFRE is an achievement earned by only 111 professionals since the inception of the program in 1992.


Candace Williams-Brown


Candace Williams-Brown, digital content specialist, received the Outstanding Newcomer Award from the Georgia Education Advancement Council for her work with analytics and data mining in support of major enrollment and fundraising campaigns at GGC. 

GGC students participate in community service work during spring break


Early this month, 19 GGC students traveled to Orlando, Florida to participate in an Alternative Break Trip sponsored by the Office of Student Involvement. Students and their chaperones, Rontai Walker, associate director, and Josee Dolcee, administrative coordinator, collaborated with Hands on Orlando and the Orlando Rescue Mission to participate in various service projects including working with preschool aged children, serving meals to homeless, landscaping and removing debris from a local STEM Park.

Grizzlies learn about the legal system in London


For the fourth consecutive year, criminal justice/criminology faculty members Dr. Bruce Carroll, associate professor, and Dr. Marie Ratchford, assistant professor, led a group of Grizzlies on an Education Abroad program to London, England.  The program focused on a comparative analysis of the English versus American legal systems.  Highlights included visits to live court sessions, meeting local English law enforcement and touring various cultural sites in London and Windsor.

Dr. Brett Young receives award for Best Paper


Dr. Brett Young, assistant professor of management information systems, received the 2016 Best Paper Award from the Journal of the Association for Information Systems during its International Conference on Information Systems held in December 2017.

Young is the lead author of “Inconsistent and Incongruent Frames During IT-enabled Change: An Action Research Study into Sales Process Innovation," a paper on the social construction of technology and social cognitive processes in organizations that has helped researchers investigate how stakeholder groups perceive information system practices and opportunities.  

Dr. Christopher I. Brandon, Jr.


Dr. Christopher I. Brandon, Jr., associate professor of biological sciences, has been asked to return as a faculty member for the Robert A. Paul Emory-Tibet Science Initiative at Sera Mey Monastic University in Bylakuppe, Karnataka State, India for summer 2018.

The program works with Tibetan monasteries to advance the “convergence of science and spirituality”.

Dr. Samantha Mrstik


Dr. Samantha Mrstik, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction, recently won the Division of International Special Education and Services International Student Research Award at the Council of Exceptional Services Conference in Tampa, Florida. Her dissertation inclusive practices of junior secondary students with learning disabilities in Gaborone, Botswana.

GGC faculty publish book on curriculum internationalization


Dr. Semire Dikli, associate professor of English, Dr. Brian Etheridge, professor of history and director of the Center for Teaching Excellence, and Dr. Richard Rawls, professor of history, co-edited and published “Curriculum Internationalization and the Future of Education.” Through this book, faculty at GGC and elsewhere share experiences with curriculum internationalization and research.  

GGC students participate for the first time in a moot court tournament


Criminal justice and political science majors participated as GGC’s first moot court team during the South Atlantic Regional Moot Court Tournament in Florida in fall 2017.

Team members Matt Davis, Jordan Drake, Laura Bravo Duran, Ibeth Gutierrez, Christopher Robertson and Carolanne Solis were coached for the competition by Dr. Scott Boykin, associate professor of political science.

GGC team places second in Association for Computing Machinery programming competition


A team of GGC students and alumni placed second in a five-hour competition at the regional qualifying round for the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) international programming competition held at Kennesaw State University in November 2017.

Team members included Jean Baptiste Mbaya, a School of Business MIS major and Information Technology minor; and two recent GGC School of Science & Technology Alumni: Quan Tran, a Software Development major and Pure Math minor; and Cristian Cardona, an Applied Math major.

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) sponsors this international programming contest for college students, known as the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). Teams of three students write computer programs to solve a set of problems in five hours. Programming teams from the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina compete at the ACM Southeast Region Contest.

Charmaine Troy contributes to book


Charmaine Troy, student success advisor, recently co-wrote a chapter in Professional Education at Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Past Trends and Outcomes titled "Mentoring Experiences of Graduate Students in HBCU Professional Program."

The book is a part of the Routledge Research in Higher Education Series.

GGC’s Career Development & Advising Center and the School of Business collaborate to provide students with professional attire


During the months of November and December, the School of Business (SBA) held a clothing drive to contribute professional clothing to the CDAC Professional Clothing Closet.

SBA faculty and staff contributed over 140 items to this service project, far exceeding the initiative’s goal.