Use the following list as a general reference of planned dates and activities outlined for the GGC presidential search.

This information is subject to change. Reference this website and monitor your email for periodic updates from the GGC Presidential Search and Screen Committee.

Dates and Activities

Nov. 7: Chancellor names and charges the GGC Search and Screen Committee.

Nov. 15 email to GGC community

Nov. 20 email to GGC community

Nov. 20: GGC community invited to lend their voice and participate in survey. Website publishes:

Nov. 27-28: GGC Search and Screen Committee conducts listening sessions for students, faculty, staff, alumni and community.

Nov. 30: Survey closes.

Dec. 1-5: GGC Search and Screen Committee analyzes survey and listening session results to develop position description.

Dec. 10 email to GGC community

Dec. 10: GGC community invited to nominate a candidate.

December – February: Parker Executive Search coordinates national advertisement for position, and candidate identification proceeds through advertising, correspondence and direct recruiting.

Mid-February: Parker Executive Search identifies candidates for initial interviews.

Early March: GGC Presidential Search and Screen Committee interviews approximately eight candidates, and recommends three to five candidates to the USG Board of Regents for additional consideration.