Student Success Profile

Georgia Gwinnett College's mission says that we will "provide access to targeted baccalaureate level degrees that meet the economic development needs of the growing and diverse population of the northeast Atlanta metropolitan region" and that we "produce contributing citizens and future leaders for Georgia and the nation." GGC's Institutional Goals include the following:

  • Produce graduates who can anticipate and respond effectively to the changing world,
  • Inspire graduates to be contributing citizens and community leaders, and
  • Achieve significant levels of student success in retention, progression, and graduation.

These goals make it clear that GGC is committed to high levels of student achievement, both during the student's time at GGC and after graduation. GGC monitors several types of data to assess its success in meeting these goals.

Early Academic Performance

GGC monitors data that provides information about our students' early success in college. It is well documented that a student's success in his or her first semester and in his or her early classes is a strong predictor of later success in coursework and of graduation. GGC monitors student performance in Learning Support (developmental) courses and in  the core, required courses that are pre-requisites to other classes. The College has established target passing rates for each of the monitored courses, which are shown in the table below.

Monitored CourseTarget Rate for Percent Passing
Learning Support English – Stand-alone remedial course80%
Learning Support English – Concurrent remedial course83%
Learning Support Math – Stand-alone remedial course63%
Learning Support Math – Concurrent remedial course73%
College Algebra72%
Introduction to Computing83%
English Composition I80%

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Student Retention and Graduation

GGC also monitors the retention and graduation rates of students who enter as first-time, full-time, degree seeking students. First-year retention is a strong predictor of college completion and, equally importantly, is a strong indicator of early success. Students are more likely to persist to graduation from college if they have formed strong personal connections to other students and to faculty and if their educational experiences during the first year were engaging and rewarding. GGC invests in faculty engagement with students through both pedagogy and mentoring. While national data on retention and graduation rates for students in non-selective institutions show relatively low rates, GGC's goal is to achieve rates comparable to those of moderately selective institutions.

GGC's target first-year retention rate is 67% and its target six-year graduation rate is 32%.

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Student Learning

In addition to monitoring student success through early course performance, retention rates, and graduation rates, GGC monitors the overall effectiveness of its academic programs through assessment of institution-wide student learning outcomes. These data provide the College with insight on the extent to which students are developing the knowledge and skills that their academic programs are designed to build. Effective programs graduate students who are prepared to be leaders and contributing citizens and who have the skills needed for employment and further education.

The specific outcomes and targets for each academic program are established by the programs themselves. As an institution, GGC's overall goal is for all programs to document and demonstrate success in achieving their own targets for student learning and development.

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